I dont know where to start , why i am writing this post and what i am going to achieve (hope this spelling is right) with this post but let’s just write it.

Yes, finally i gave up the sucky reliance internet connection as i had started using broadband.

To use Internet on the move i thought i will go for the airtel card to go along with my Blackberry handset.

So i buy an Airtel prepaid card. Here is one of their paragraphs from the airtel blackberry webpage :

Why BlackBerry?…

… Because work doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office. Things move quickly in the business arena and if you need to make quick, informed decisions while out of the office, choose BlackBerry.

The truth is that most of the customer service people at airtel do not know if this combo of a separate airtel card and a blackberry vodafone will work or not.

1. I got the whole Mobile office thing of theirs activated but gave it up after 5 days because never did an automated settings sms come thru mobile nor did anyone send a settings’ sms manually(Tried this for the Sony ericsson w550i initially). Maybe they forgot to send the settings manually – (They however did not forget to deduct the daily charge for Mobile office those 5 days).

2. I tried activating this service again a few days later thinking at least someone at airtel might be able to help me out with the whole settings things of mobile office – So i activated the mobile office again(This time for Blackberry). After the whole questions and answer session again and the dialing of their numbers, 121 number for customer service etc a funny thing happened.

They stopped picking up my calls ?!
(Instead of forwarding my calls to customer service the machine told me please send an sms to 121 with your query and we will get back to you)

Same thing happened last time around and I never got the reply to that sms.

I did’nt even call that many times, most of the times the phone got disconnected in between because of congestion. I figured there must be something where you can’t call customer service more than x number of times in a day.

So i decided I shall call their non toll free number from my business phone so that i can at least get the settings. For this i went to Google.com and searched for their contact number. After landing on thier contact page i found out that the only number of theirs given on the page is 121. Which means you cannot call them up with your landline or any other number. (They did give their email address on the contact page though).

3. Now i though i shall just wait till the day gets over so i can call them up. I did and i was told to call up some other number 9892577010

Please hold the line while i transfer your call – This call maybe recorded for internal training purposes..
Just after 1 ring the phone gets disconnected and you get an automated sms :
“KBC 3! Ab aap ja sakte hain sidney hot seat par Shahrukh ke samne…. Your last call cost is x.xx INR…”.
Total waste of time and money. Machine picks up , machine greets, machine talks, machine gives you option and then machine hangs up.

4. After the same thing happened 5 times i called 121 (It’s past 12.00 am so i guess i can talk to someone now) to know what was going on and i reached gprs products and service info department who told me that they do not know about the blackberry thing so i should call up the technical department. After dialing again , reaching the tech team and waiting for few minutes i was told Sorry sir but this handset is NOT supported for Mobile office.
(That feeling a striker gets when he scores a goal and later finds out the offside flag is up.)

I remember asking the customer service representative twice(twice to clear) if the Mobile office service will work on my Blackberry, and he said YES with full assurance.

I have no comments or statements or anything about the whole thing. I just HAD to write this post. If Reliance is bad then Airtel is worse.

Someone gimme an Hutchison Essar number please ??

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