Ecommerce Website Development Experts

The team at in Mumbai can design and develop for you an ecommerce website which is not only attractive but also filled with features that form a part of a quality ecommerce store.

If you have ever inquired about ecommerce website development in Mumbai, India or have browsed around for a quote on getting an ecommerce site done then you would have realized that the cost of getting your ecommerce website is normally much higher than what your budget is.

What do you do then?

Drop your idea of having your own ecommerce store?

Pay the big bucks?

Design it on your own?

Step in Jimmy Thakkar!

Me and my team understand how important it is for the people to have something of quality and yet affordable. Why should you pay lacs of rupees or thousands of dollars just to have your ecommerce site. You should also not be paying a monthly subscription fee for your ecommerce web design package.

Get An Ecommerce Website For INR 22,500 Only!

Some of the features:

  • CMS Based ecommerce website – This means it would be easier for you to handle the entire website by yourself easily without the knowledge of any scripting, programming or coding.
  • FREE payment gateway integration – The module will be added for you at no extra cost. The most popular ones right now are Ccavenue and Paypal.
  • SEO Friendly – Your online store will be optimized for the search engines.
  • Responsive design – Your online store will be easily accessible through tablets and mobile phones.
  • PDF Invoicing – Automatically generate PDF invoice using the admin function in your ecommerce store.
  • Set up price based on country – Your viewers in India will see the prices in Indian rupees but if someone in UK accessed your website then they will see the prices converted to GBP or if someone from America visited the site then they would see price in USD.
  • Social Media – Integrate social media into your store enabling users to share and like your store products easily.
  • Easily manage inventory/stock, coupons and store functions through the admin section of the store.
  • Other features – There are many other features like popup window display, reviews, live chat, website analytics, Google maps, etc., that can be integrated into your ecommerce shop. Please contact us for any questions or queries you have.

Ecommerce Website Design

What End Users SEE – An Attractive Looking Ecommerce Shop!

The role of an ecommerce website designer is to design a quality website which looks attractive on the outside and functions smoothly on the inside.  Your ecommerce website won’t just look attractive but will also be user friendly and search engine friendly. Plus you won’t even have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee which you would pay if you ran an ecommerce store on a third party website.


Ecommerce Website Management

What Admins SEE – An Easy To Manage Ecommerce Store!

As an ecommerce website developer my job is to do all the hard work and coding along with theme management, plugin installation and payment gateway integration so that it makes it easy for you (the website owner) to handle and manage the whole e-commerce store all by yourself.

Ecommerce website features

Cost of Ecommerce Website Development

INR 22,500 – The price list for website designing and other services provided by Jimmy Thakkar and his team can be seen on the website’s price list section here. For any questions or to get a custom quote, press the button below.

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