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Jimmy Thakkar’s Content Writer Group in Mumbai (Dadar) is your one-stop shop for outsourced written content, article writing, and ghost writing services. We have a diverse pool of authors from around the world – each with unique experience and writing styles. We have recognized the growing demand for high quality written content on the web and the lack of good resources available to meet that demand.

Our content writing services in Mumbai include Article Writing, Blog Posting, Website Content, Article Submission, Newsletters, eBooks, Press Releases, Sales Copy and so much more. We specialize in Seo Content Writing, eBooks, and Blog Posting projects, but we are happy to assist you with whatever your particular writing needs are. All of our content is written per client specifications. Our website content writers are able to write on a wide variety of topics and provide keyword integration to ensure SEO.

Everything we write is 100% original ( passed) and not some regurgitated nonsense or spun articles. We know that quality information is what will set your website apart and that you want to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more, not just fill up your site’s white space.



$2.75 (INR 175) to $3.75 per article, rates depending on the niche.


400 to 500

Best Content Writing Services In Mumbai.

  • We have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Fiverr for content writing.
  • We write in American English and guarantee each piece of website content writing that you order to be error free and grammatically correct. We cover most topics (niche and micro niche).
  • Don’t waste time and money with garbage content; get it right the first time with Jimmy Thakkar.
  • Please visit our portfolio page at Ezinearticles to view sample articles written by our writers. Rate sheets are available through our PRICE LIST PAGE.
  • Content is NOT Ai-generated; we use proper writing techniques that convert so that it also helps your SEO.
  • We can also help you with content for:
  • 1. Website
  • 2. Blog
  • 3. Book
  • 4. Brochure
  • 5. Social media
  • 6. Press releases
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Freelance content writers in Mumbai
We are on Fiverr and Digitalpoint and write for international clients but we also do content writing work in Mumbai for our national clients in India. If you need freelance content writer in Mumbai then look no further as our team can deliver quality content in under 48 hours. Our copywriter can write appealing website copy for you which can help your digital marketing efforts.

We specialize in:

  • Content writing services in Mumbai

  • Website Copywriting

  • SEO content for website

  • Unique content for articles

  • Content for books and ebooks

  • Blogging and content for blogs

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