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Search Engine Optimization is an art and nobody can guarantee you any top rankings on any of the search engines whether it is Google or Bing or Yahoo. SEO Companies & Search engine optimization agencies normally claim on their websites that they will guarantee you top rankings but this is just a marketing gimmick. I am a seo freelancer & web designer from Mumbai and I have always been straightforward with my clients with what all I will be delivering. An increase in traffic and conversion can be guaranteed but not top rankings.

Internet Marketing has come a long way now and digital marketers in Mumbai know this that the customer cannot be fooled any longer; if you do not deliver as promised then you will receive a bad reputation. This is why you need to check before hiring a seo expert in India whether he or she has received bad reviews in the past by making a quick search on your favorite search engine.

Search Engine Optimization Package

Free Package

Free Seo Services
  • Complete Website Audit
  • Website Seo Analysis Report
  • ON Page Seo
  • OFF Page Seo

Basic Package

  • Website Seo Analysis
  • Website Audit Report
  • On Page Seo Work
  • Fixing Seo Mistakes
  • OFF Page Seo

Full SEO

  • Includes Basic Package
  • Includes Advanced Package
  • Social Media
  • Sales Page Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • PPC (Cost + 15%)

“Even the best Seo in Mumbai couldn’t give you a better deal!”

SEO Portfolio

Seo is not about ranking number 1 on Google. It is about getting a prospect on to your site and then converting him/her in to a sale. Below you can see about my recent history of Seo:

  1. A chiropractor in Luxembourg – I not only re-designed his website but I was able to rank him 1 for local search and in top 3 rankings for a few related searches to his chiropractic business.
  2. Website Seo analysis work done for a client in USA – He was not only able pick his business up by reading my seo report but he also got to learn SEO from me which would help him with his website in the future.
  3. As part of my seo freelance work I created and sold a high traffic bed bugs niche site during epidemic in USA.
  4. Designed and optimized a PageRank software website – Not only did the rankings increase, conversion and sales also improved.

About Jimmy Thakkar: Jimmy has been doing SEO since 2005. As a Seo professional in Mumbai he has gained an experience of over a decade in the field which has made him a good reputation as one of the best search engine optimization consultants in Mumbai.

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