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(By The Best Website Maintenance Experts In Mumbai)
Many companies create their website but they don’t have the time to manage the website or upgrade it according to the latest trends. Having a website is not a big deal but getting the best out of that website is the most important thing if one owns a website. I have been in the website design and maintenance business for more than 17 years and I have managed websites and portals starting from scratch.

The first step is to own a website and the second step is to upgrade, update and run the website to its maximum potential.

If you currently do not have a website then do not worry as we can create one for you. If you already got a website created but have no clue on website management and maintenance then you are in the right place. Neglecting your website has more consequences than neglecting your spouse. Trust us!

Why Website Maintenance?

While you are busy

  • Your WordPress website gets outdated
  • Your plugins are no longer supported
  • Your SEO is done according to standards followed earlier
  • Your website backup does not exist
  • Your content is no longer updated giving an impression that the website is dead
  • Your in links and out links could have dead end

Our website maintenance charges are really competitive and we not only provide website maintenance services in Mumbai, India but to rest of the world as well.

Note: Website maintenance contract can be monthly or yearly (AMC).

Why Jimmy Thakkar For Website AMC?

Do not just let our experience and pricing decide the sale.

Talk to us and go ahead with a website maintenance plan only after you are convinced… 

  • We are into websites since 2005
  • Experience of sales in 70+ countries
  • We are experts at Website design and maintenance
  • We also provide website hosting packages on LiteSpeed servers
  • Our website maintenance cost is really competitive not only internationally but locally as well
  • Specialists in WordPress website creation and maintenance
  • No hidden costs or surprises

Website Maintenance Uses

You as the owner of the website are busy doing all the non techie stuff.

Who is going to check for problems and issues that keep building up?

Website maintenance is required in all areas of a website. We provide website support and maintenance for small businesses because we understand that small business cannot afford to keep 10 people occupied in the office to run a website. Obviously they are not going to hire a web designer, graphics designer, content writer, webmaster, website supervisor, search engine optimization expert, database administrator, UI specialists just for one single website. Website upkeep can be very expensive and hence – “Jimmy Thakkar”.

You need proper maintenance of a website in order to have your website running and functioning to its maximum capacity; just creating and putting your website out there is not going to help you in any way. Gone are the days when having a domain name and a website was considered to be prestigious but now having a properly functioning and properly optimized website is the minimum requirement of any business.

Earlier you would just create an HTML page for your company and put it out there but now the things have changed and you no longer can rely on a static webpage to attract customers. There are many things which you need to have on your website and have them updated on a regular basis. Some of these things are a properly optimized blog with proper content which not only load fast but looks attractive to the end user. Let’s say someone suggested you to have a website and you created a website but then what next???

You can’t just leave the website on its own if you wish to grow online. Who do you think will do the search engine optimisation maintenance for your website on a regular basis or who will fix the coding errors on your website. Take a look at your competitor’s website and then take a look at your website’s performance and you will understand where you are lacking. This includes understanding the graphics, website, content and marketing. You can also make a search for websites in your own field and take a look at how they are performing and what you need to do in order to improve your business. Do this or let us do all this for you!

If you are not doing the below or can’t do the below then you should definitely think of hiring the services of a website support and maintenance expert
Why Website Maintenance

  1. Can you update the content of the website all by yourself, whether it is a static website (where you will need to upload the pages via FTP, file manager) or whether it is a WordPress based CMS site.
  2. Can you make sure that all of the links on your website are proper and none of the links go to a dead page or a 404 error page. Same way you need to take a look at the links which are out there in the world wide web which are linking back to your website; can you make sure the links are proper and do not go to a “page not found” on your own server?
  3. Backups – are you or your webmaster taking regular backups of your website or WordPress blog along with your emails and database.
  4. Are you checking your stats with Google as far as your website‘s digital marketing is concerned or for that matter your daily visitors and calls when it comes to your local SEO? Do you check your website analytics regularly to find out if there are any coding or SEO related issues with your website as far as search engines are concerned.
  5. Are you fixing your site as far as CRO is concerned. Fine you have created your own website; along with that your work on search engine marketing has also been done, but then at the end of the day if it is not converting into a sale then what is the use of having a website; so it is important that you fix those areas of your website which help you convert website visitors into an enquiry or a customer.

WordPress Website Maintenance

The things that can form part of a WP Website Support & Maintenance Package:

Maintenance checks: This involves checking if there is a coding issue in your webpages. Example, having a wrongly coded html tag or having a 404 error because of poor coding or dead links. We also check for outdated themes and plugins.
Content: Text content or images can be added to your WordPress website. We can also add posts and pages to your blog. Nobody wants to see a website with old images or social media accounts that are not updated regularly.
Backups: A good hosting always takes care of your basic needs but there are times when you get stuck because of a malware or hacker attack; or maybe your hosting got expired? How can you get your site back then? It is best to take regular backups. Our site maintenance plans do that for you!
SEO Checks: How would you know how your website’s SEO is performing? Which keyword brought you more traffic? Which site got you most visitors? Which product page got abandoned the most? Let us handle this for you!


I want a custom website maintenance plan for my WordPress blog website.

Website Maintenance Services List


Website designing/re-designing

If you do not have a website and wish to have an online presence then a new website can be created for you or an existing website can be redesigned first according to the international standards. We can then move on to website’s monthly or annual maintenance contract.

Your website’s conversion:

If your website’s CRO is not done or if your e-commerce website’s cart is abandoned more often than a checkout then you should have this fixed first. What good is design and website traffic if it does not help your bottom line? Our premium plan for site support and maintenance not only helps you with SEO & CRO but e-commerce guidance as well.

Website’s SEO analysis:

If your website has been created just by your website designer or the website developer and then has not been looked after by an SEO expert then you need to have your website’s search engine optimization analysis done first. Having SEO maintenance for your website makes sure your site is healthy and properly optimised for the search engines.

Your website hosting fix:

If you are hosting your website on a slow server and your website is not running to its optimum level then you are just pulling your website down because of bad hosting or bad neighbourhood; if your website’s theme or code is not properly created then this may also block your website’s growth potential and may automatically chase the search engines and the website visitors away. We can help you with this issue as well.

Website coding analysis:

If your website is full of errors or has pages which are not running properly because they have not been optimised in the correct manner then the website’s coding can be optimised and corrected to fix the issue of poor design and loading of the web page.

Abandoned website:

If the website developer created a website for you months back and the website‘s been through no upgrades or updates and there are no changes in the content then this will automatically put your website into the category of an abandoned website; you should get help of our experts for website upgrade or site maintenance.

WordPress website management:

If your website has been created using a CMS like WordPress then you should make sure that your WordPress website is up-to-date and is not running on the old version of WordPress or outdated plugins. You should also make sure your WordPress website is secure so that it is not easily hacked. We do this for you in the WordPress Maintenance plan.

Fine tuning:

Our advanced custom site maintenance plans help you with all the minor and major website related issues which are faced by you as a website owner. This include everything from UI to design to coding to help and support related to website’s marketing. We are experts at managing websites – We will take care of areas of website which you might not even be aware of.

Website Maintenance Packages

(Website Maintenance plans in Mumbai along with Website Maintenance cost in detail)

1. Website Maintenance Starter Plan Includes content (text/image) addition to website 2 times a month. Website backup once a month. Providing Website analytics report. Best for personal website. ₹750 / $10
2. WordPress Website Maintenance This is the cost of updating your WordPress blog. Includes updating and upgrading your WP website along with plugins; it also includes “Website Maintenance Starter Plan”. ₹850 / $11.50
3. Small Business Website Maintenance Plan This is our most popular plan. The cost of updating your site to latest trends. Includes content (text/image) addition to website 3 times a month. Website backup done weekly. Dedicated webmaster for you. ₹999 / $13.50
4. Premium Website Maintenance Includes website maintenance along with SEO checks which includes providing guidance according to your Website analytics report. This is our most complete website maintenance plan. ₹1499 / $20

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