Website Design & Hosting Packages For Mumbai, India

Ever thought of having your own website?

Ever thought you want to have your own business online?

Which website designer in Mumbai should you choose?

Designed the site using AI website builder but do not know where or how to host these AI-powered websites?

Which website hosting company in Mumbai would be best for you?

Dear Mumbai,

Worry NOT as Jimmy Thakkar has the ultimate online solution of website hosting and design for you where you will not have to approach 5 different companies to have your online identity. The packages have been created after analyzing the web development inquiries and orders we have received from the last few months:

But why take web page design and hosting in a package?
If you want a website and have started looking for website hosting in Mumbai then you will realize that a Web hosting company will host the site for you but will not design the site for you; also, a freelance web designer will only create the site for you but will then ask you to host it on a third-party web server. This is not convenient for you – Why not have design, hosting and domain all done by 1 team of experts rather than contacting 3 different agencies?

  1. Get Domain Name
  2. Get Managed Hosting
  3. Get Logo Designed
  4. Get Website Designed
  5. Get E-commerce Integration done to your website.

All this under one roof under one package. This is why we are considered one of the best website hosting companies in Mumbai:

Because we do managed hosting where you do not need to login to server to upload, download or handle the database. We do it all for you!

Choose 1 from below which suits you best.

Web Design & Hosting Packages:


Is this a onetime cost?
This is one-time cost only. Web hosting package (INR 2950) and domain name (INR 1400) to be renewed every year. There are no annual fees for website design or SEO.

What are the payment terms?
50% advance and balance after the work is completed. Payment can be made by Check, Bank transfer, Credit card, Paypal, Paytm or UPI. Full payment for website hosting.

Is there any setup fee or any additional cost?
There is no setup fee and no additional costs are involved.

Any additional services included in your package?
To name a few:

Website stats and analytics, Sitemap Xml or Html, Social Media integration, Live Chat, Contact form + Google Maps integration, Virus Scanner, Ecommerce Plugins, Hosting AI-generated web pages and much more…

Are the hosting and design services for Mumbai only?
We are located in Dadar, Mumbai but these packages can be ordered by anyone in India.

I have some questions before we start.
Feel free to call us or email us with your questions. You can reach us by phone, email or mail.

I already have a website and wish to re-design it.
The packages suit best for people who wish to buy website design and hosting services together. If you wish to order a single product or service then please check rates for more info. If you wish to order website redesign then please let us know about your exisiting website url first.

Can I have more than 1 domain for my website?
Yes, you can have more than one domain for your website. Many people prefer to lock .com and .in for their website.

Can I move to ecommerce package from blog package once I decide to sell?
You can upgrade any time from your website+blog package to ecommerce package.

“Best Website Hosting Company In Mumbai Since 2005”

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