SEO Training

(Webmaster training & Search Engine Optimization training)

It is highly essential for any organization to teach their employees about how search engine works and how they should be managing a website so that it helps the business grow rather than piling up garbage content on the company web pages which leads your site and business to nowhere. Individuals who own a website should also learn the basics of search engine optimization.

I have been in this business since 2005 and have taught website owners and employees about website design, search engine optimization and how to handle their company website or blog in the right manner so as to get maximum benefit out of the efforts put in.

Nowadays new start-ups and small business organizations start new websites and ecommerce stores based on new ideas and new products but leave the domain stagnant and unattended once the website design agency has finished their work of designing, coding and development of the website.

No website training or SEO training?

That is just WRONG!

Webmaster trainingWhat happens next?

Do you think the website is going to manage itself and work for you to get you traffic or business?

Do you think the website is just gonna go out there and get sales for you?

Do you think your employees updating the news page and product images is going to do the trick for you?

Many website owners and organizations keep running after the wrong thing.

They will pay top dollar for an attractive design!

What about the Content?

They will outsource content to top content writer!

What about Search Engine Optimization?

They will pay top dollars to SEO experts for top rankings!

What about the CRO?

OK so you worked on your site and did all that was required along with site’s content and paid the SEO agency for the digital marketing work you hired them for and then start getting inquiries for your product or service. Few weeks or months down the line the Website designers & SEO guys are out of the picture and all that is left is you and your website.

Learn SEO to fix SEO problemsA Website owner MUST know the basics of website management and promotion.

  1. How do you analyse the status of your website then?
  2. Which are your best performing pages?
  3. Which pages are not performing?
  4. Which pages are ranking but not converting?
  5. Are the visitors coming to your website? If not, then why?
  6. Are the visitors coming to your site but going back away?
  7. Is your design compatible with latest standards?

If you do not have all those answers then you might as well close your website and go back to cold calling for business.

If you have an organization with 100-200 people then you have people who do all this for you.

But what about a small company or a professional or a small agency who has an online presence but do not have all the answers?


To know how to solve something you should first know and understand what the problem is. If you or your company does not have a clue of what the problem is then you will never be able to fix it.

I have seen companies running websites with utter garbage content, wrong SEO, search engine optimization which is completely spam, blackhat SEO, website with bad backlinks, website running at half its potential, website running on bad servers – to name a few; this list goes on and on…

…and the worst part is the webmasters and professionals running these company websites knew nothing about the problems present on their website. They feel since the website is up and running, everything is fine.

To tackle these problems I have introduced 2 packages which can help organizations and individuals to run and promote their existing website in the most efficient manner which is not only business friendly but also cost friendly (Now who doesn’t like more business while reducing IT costs).

Note: If you are looking for SEO services in Mumbai instead of SEO training then please visit the Seo packages page.

SEO Training in Mumbai

Forget everything…just at this very moment, where do you think your website stands?

No idea right?

People just get a website done, get the domain name printed on their business card and forget about it. Then there are others who will update a blog post, news or picture every once in a while. I am sorry but that shouldn’t do it for you!

Do you ever go to a gym workout like crazy for 90 minutes and then expect to be ripped like Cristiano Ronaldo 3 months down the line?


You have to get in touch with a trainer and tell him/her about your goals and then work on it day in day out to achieve your goal.

Well, there are no web trainers like gym trainers so you can catch hold of a website consultant like me who can guide you in the right direction.

A. Webmaster Training

This is for professionals or individuals who wish to learn how to handle their website themselves. Includes:

  1. Complete website maintenance.
  2. CMS management (WordPress).
  3. Securing your website.
  4. File management using FTP.
  5. How to add/edit/delete text content and images from your website.
  6. Taking control over your website, domain and content (also learn how to get full backup of your site).
  7. Your site and social media integration.

B. SEO Training

This is for individuals or organizations in Mumbai who wish to learn SEO without going to an institute – Think of it as a crash course in search engine optimization and not a lengthy procedure of SEO classes to get a certification. Individuals and organization employees will be taught the basics of SEO, how to optimize their pages, handle the content of their website keeping in mind google rankings. Where does your website currently stand and how you can keep doing the right things that will bring in more traffic and conversions.

  1. Is your previous digital marketing strategy OK?
  2. What to take care of when adding new content to website.
  3. How to check your website traffic?
  4. Understand what your website traffic means!
  5. Awstats or Google Analytics or Google webmasters.
  6. Understanding what your competition is doing right and you are doing wrong.
  7. How to convert your traffic!

C. Individual or Team Package/Combined Package

This includes A and B packages mentioned above.

This is a custom package where you can choose either webmaster training or SEO training or both + choose the number of people who will receive the training. Best for guys who are part of start-ups, for organizations wanting to train their employees.


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