Mirroring & Casting issue

I have tried watching Amazon prime videos on Chromecast and failed. I have tried playing Motion Tennis and failed.

I have had this error of “Cast connection stopped” many many times and have tried to solve it using many tricks but have failed.

  • I tried switching the tv off and then restarting it.
  • I tried restarting my phone.
  • I tried restarting the phone and tv both.
  • I tried switching off my phone’s bluetooth (just in case if that was the issue).

If you have ever tried to cast screen /audio by going to Google Home (app) and then going to Mirror your phone or tablet you will many times have faced a problem where your screen blacks out and then a blue screen appears in front of you saying

Cast connection stopped
‘Your chromecast name’ seems to have lost its
connection with your device
Please try casting again.

The solution to this problem is easy:

Go to settings in your android phone > WIRELESS & NETWORKS > More > Wireless Display

There you will find 2 options:

  1. Your phone name
  2. Your chromecast name (“Screen Mirroring”)

Choose the 2nd option and now you will be able to cast/mirror your screen and Audio.

Note: This is not for apps like Youtube and Netflix which already have a cast button. This is a great way to watch videos from apps which do not have the cast button; like watching Amazon Prime or chromecast and watching Videos and Movies on TV which you have downloaded on your mobile/gadget.

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