Kindly read this and you will understand why I am (thinking of) moving back from Silver to Bronze plan provided by Jio Fibre. I was already using bronze plan and shifted to silver so that I could see premium ZEE and HOTSTAR.

On 29th Jan I shifted to Silver plan and started to view the channels but unfortunately I was not able to see livetv and OTT apps because of some issues from Jio’s end.

29th When I called customer service (I was on phone for more than 15 mins) I was told that some technician will visit and resolve the issue in 24 hours. Nothing happened – As if they haven’t even taken my request or are concerned about my issue. I cannot even see a ticket opened for that issue.

30th Again I called and someone told me that my issue will get resolved in 48 hours. I also received a message on my phone and email saying “you deactivate the service successfully”.

31st I called again just to check and I was told that message was received due to an error from Jio’s end and has nothing to do with my service request.

1st I call up and I am told backend team is working on the issue and will be resolved soon.

2nd Note: I was told you can’t even see livetv option that is available in Jio Tv – This is surprising as to why the previous 5 other customer service representatives whom I talked to did not even feel to mention this to me*.  So the only issue remaining is why I can’t see OTT applications

*I am still not sure about this as when the first time 2 guys came to install jio tv at my home they said it will work soon and it is not working right now because they have just installed it and it will take time for your ip to get registered in the database or something.

3rd On 3rd I called up and was told your issue will get resolved in 48 hours.
I had also sent a tweet regarding this issue.

4th I was tweeted by @jiocare that you are working on my service request and the msg said “We will have an update on it at the earliest – Prashant”. I also called just to find out if you have any update or status for me. I was assured that my problem will get resolved in 24 hours. I had to hang up the phone because yes your assurance means a lot to me and if you are saying that you will solve the issue in 24 hours then definitely you will solve the issue in 24 hours the same was you resolved the issues in 24-48 hours on 29th,30th,31st,1st,2nd and 3rd (sarcasm).

A few times in those calls (on previous days) made I was asked to force stop the zee5 and hotstar app and was asked to remove cache and data and then start the app but nothing happened.

I was also asked to restart the set top box and last time I was told that I said this has already been done a few times and will not work.

5th It is 5th today and no the issue has NOT been resolved and I have received no update from your twitter account (you had said you will update me at the earliest)

So the dates gone by for a simple issue of OTT login not working goes like this: 29th, 30th, 31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

I will keep updating this post just to see how you people are working on solving such a simple issue. It is pretty hilarious (sad from my end though) how such a big company cannot solve such a simple issue but is just randomly saying the issue will get solved in 24 hours or the problem will get solved in 48 hours.

I call up on 5th stating that I was told on 3rd that issue will resolve in 48 hours and on 4th I was told (sorry not told, ASSURED) that the issue will get resolved in 24 hours. Both of these people (saying the same thing actually, but still) were wrong. The representative told me if I wanted to open another service request/ticket and I said I already have done that twice then what’s the use but she said she will open it for me (a strong one). She also asked me when can an engineer visit me to which I said any engineer can visit me 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon because I am pretty sure nobody is going to come the same way no-one came on the 30th or any of the days after that. She said an engineer will come between 10 to 12. I said fine let’s see how it goes and I will wait for engineer to come between 10-12 on the 6th of Feb. Just after that conversation I got an email:

” Your service request number is SR000010EYY9. You will receive an update by 06/02/2020 13:37. ”

Later in the evening I see track request in My Jio’s Jiocare and I can see the  SR000010EYY9 is already closed and the resolution notes say that your service request has been resolved.

Are you kidding me…my problem still remains!

So I call up the customer care in the evening and I am told some engineer will visit my place by 1pm on 6th Feb. I had no idea about this as the previous customer service representative has said between 10 to 12 and now this new guy is saying 1 o clock. I got no proper response to why the ticket was closed but I am just assuming they internally must have decided to keep only 1 service request open and close the other which are kind of duplicates. Either that or they must have just thought of closing the ticket and waiting for me to call the next day so that they can assure me the problem will be resolved in 24 hrs (by so and so time on 7th Feb) because the backend team is working on the issue. Also they are extremely sorry for this inconvenience caused.

6th Feb – As expected no-one came between 10-12 and no one came by 1 o clock also, or 2 or 3 or 4…

By 1, when no one had come I called up to ask them as to what happened and then I was placed on hold while the representative checked my details.

I was told this issue doesn’t even require an engineer visit.


Why was I told that an engineer will visit my place (twice).

So then I asked them what new story am I about to hear today?

Unfortunately no new one but same old formula – I was told I will get an update in 24 hrs.

But it had a twist this time – I wasn’t just getting a support request or ticket id but I was told “I am going to escalate your issue”.

I am pretty sure this will help my case as earlier no one had “Just escalated” the issue. Also unfortunately the female representative who put a “strong request’ that did not work either.

This is too much for me and I told him now I am honestly not even going to continue to silver plan but downgrade to bronze plan because of the whole experience and I will move to a different internet connection provider as soon as I can find one (no complaints about them as internet service provider but the tv experience just kills it. Reliance internet much better that what it was 14 years back**).

I also told him I am writing all the details of the phone conversation so please confirm will I get an update in 24 hrs or will I get a solution in 24 hrs and I was told I will get a solution in 24 hrs.

We shall wait!

Total time on this call: 20 mins.

Later in the day I got a message from them saying Your service request number so and so for appointment reschedule has been addressed.

I called them to ask why this message I have received because I was told no engineer is required then the customer service replied that is a mistake from their end and backend team will fix my problem.

After being on hold I was told yes you have called n number of times regarding this issue and “I will escalate this issue”

I said I know nothing is going to happen and I will call you tomorrow now (I said I will call you tomorrow because I knew nothing is going to happen and I will have to call them anyways to ask them what the latest status or update on my problem is)

(12 mins on phone)

7th Feb – I did not call them, they did not call me, they did not tweet anything and no engineer came and no problem was resolved. I did however get a message from them.

Dear customer, hope we have been able to provide you with a resolution on service request  SR000010EYY9***. Please click here to share your feedback.

I rated 1 star and problem not resolved and notes: “Pathetic”

*** (the request id they had closed on 5th for whatever reason).

It is 8th Feb and problem still remains.

Half way down this whole communication I thought let me at least use the silver plan for this one month I have paid for but no, it’s cool – Maybe in 14 years**

I was also told on phone I cannot get a refund for recharges and I cannot talk to any senior of customer care executive.

Today I post this article online!


JIO Fibre Uninstallation

Wait until you go for uninstallation of Jio fibre

I contacted them and by the end of April they did disconnect my service; I asked to pick up the device by 2nd May but they did not, not until 2nd June, 2nd July and not even 2nd August. I did get an email on 25th August stating “ Even after several attempts to contact you, we were unable to collect the device. Non-Submission of the device has led to the forfeiture of security deposit. We will not be able to process any refund for this account.”

First they keep you on hold, then they themselves delay the pickup, then they delay some more and they apologise for the delay and they take away your security deposit because of non submission of the device.

Just for the record, I had already contacted them* and told them to keep my deposit as I was too frustrated by any communication with jio. I will no longer be using any JIO fiber services ever.

There are loads of such complaints on social media where jio is delaying the pickup of device.

*Email I sent on 11th August:

“ I got a call and message from you stating that
Uninstallation appointment will be done today by 7pm
Date today is 11th August.
I had requested on a phone call to get uninstallation by 1st May or max by 3rd May. You never did that.
I had already messaged you stating I no longer want anything to do with JIO or Jio fiber. Will never be using your services again.
I am no longer interested in any sort of communication with JIO because it is as good as mental harassment for me.
You people do installation in 72 hrs time but when you have to refund the deposit and do uninstallation you are ridiculously unprofessional.
Pls stop calling me.”

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