After Creating Your Website:

What to do after making a website using AI?

Let’s say you made the website using an online tool or you made a website using AI (or by any other means); what will you do next?

Creating a site using Ai tools is easy but running a website is not an easy job. If you wanted to just have a webpage just for the sake of it then you can do it even for free using Artificial Intelligence tools. Running the website successfully is a totally different ball game.

  1. You need to have a domain name and link it to the website you made using Ai website builder app or chatGPT/Google Gemini.
  2. You need website hosting to keep your AI-generated website running throughout the year, without any down time.
  3. You need proper knowledge of SEO and SGE to get maximum returns from search engines or else your Ai-powered website will just be roaming around page 10 of search engines.
  4. Once you have taken care of the 3 points above you need to make sure the site runs smoothly throughout the year; website maintenance is required for the same.

Jimmy Thakkar can take care of all of the above.

In today’s world just having a website is not enough, you also need other elements that can push your website and your brand on the World Wide Web. Do you think by just having a domain name and some content on your website is going to bring reputation and business for you?

We have been in the business of creating and promoting websites since 2005. Let us present you with all the things that are required to be part of your website or pillars of your website and your online identity. Other agencies will only carry out the task of creating a website for you because you went to them with an enquiry of website designing; at Jimmy Thakkar we will not only create a website for you but also suggest to you or offer you other elements which form part of your online identity and brand.

Note that it is not all about the look but also about how it functions. There are a lot of things that need to be considered before pushing yourself online, for example creating a mobile ad for your company or product and pushing it online for viewers on desktop would be meaningless. Similarly, creating a text ad, desktop 16 x 9 ad or even a graphic advertisement and showing it to the viewers who are not your target audience would also make it a complete waste of time and effort (not to forget your money). Everyone wants a decent looking website and creating a nice-looking website is a good thing but it’s totally useless if nobody is viewing that website. If you have figured out how to bring traffic to your website, then it’s a good thing:

…so now you have a website, and you also have website visitors but what is the use of that if that traffic is not converting.

“We at bring all the elements together for you in the right manner so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits.”


What to do after creating a website using Ai (or otherwise)?

Don’t think for a second that your work is done just because you have a website now. The website is not going to beautify itself, market itself and bring automated business for you. “After creating website what to do” stage scares you or is driving your boss nuts then check if you have the below points covered:

  • Nonexistent SEODid your AI website builder or website designer just create the website for you and hand it over to you? Maybe that was just your package or maybe the designer was not competent enough to do SEO. But now what? Do you think your work is done? It is good that you have a website but that is not the ultimate goal of a business. The idea is to generate sales or enquiry through that website which is why it is important that you get proper website analysis and SEO done for your website. Seo & Digital marketing are the lifeline of your website. Neglecting them is as good as killing your website to death.
  • Website maintenance – Who will manage the website you built using Ai? Where will the backups go? How will the pages be updated, and the site be upgraded?
  • Info graphic/brochure/leaflet – The image that people see of you on social media is the image of your company. That includes the graphics on your site and social media.
  • Video – Every website needs a video to support it. It can be an ad of the company or an intro video or an explanatory video about your product or service.
  • Stories – If you are online and you haven’t heard about stories then where the hell have you been? Instagram stories Facebook stories, Google web stories, LinkedIn stories and media that is in the same format is very popular today and you need to create that kind of images and videos for your social media accounts so that you get maximum returns from your social media marketing efforts.
  • Social media banner – Creating a social media page with no proper and customized graphics is just like creating a website but with no logo or company images in it which is why it is important to create good graphics for your social media audience and also to make sure that your social media profile page has a presentable look to it.
  • Social media ad & social media posts – Does your social media just contain pictures of your products, your office staff or your logo and nothing else? If you are not active on social media, then you might as well close your social media account because just creating a social media account for the heck of it is of no use.
  • Mobile first graphics and video – The whole world is moving towards the mobile and the amount of traffic that comes to a website is equal when you compare mobile with the desktop. So why would you ignore mobile when videos are concerned. Creating a horizontal video and creating a vertical video just for mobile are two completely different things and you cannot just share your horizontal videos for your mobile audience. With popularity of apps like likee, Instagram reels, TikTok and the new YouTube shorts it is quite clear that people are moving towards vertical mobile videos and are not just viewing the videos in conventional 16:9 landscape format.

We can help you with all of the above.

The above are just few of the names which are given for you to understand that the main purpose is to build your brand, your website and your business online using various methods and techniques that boost or push your presence online. This can be in the form of adding a chat option on your website for your website visitors or it could be adding a timeline of your company on your about us page.

Are there specific steps you need to take after launching a website?

Every business, brand or website has different needs which is why we ask you to share about your business with us and then we can get back to you with what all we can do to boost your brand and business online. To understand why you need an online booster pack for your ai-generated website, just compare your online presence(SEO) with some of your rivals and other big brands online, take a look at your media pages and take a look at your competitor’s media pages; take a look at the social media pages of the big brands and take a look at the content which you are providing on your social media pages.

What to do after making a website using Ai website builder?

We have two packages for you, first is the website booster package and other one is online booster package. Just share your details with us and we will get back to you. You can also contact us through our contact us page.

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