When it comes to website design, it is true: Design a website which is mobile friendly or let your website die.

With the increase in the number of website surfers and product buyers through cell phone, the webmasters can no longer take the gadget users for granted. It is 2016 and as of today if your website is not mobile friendly then i am sorry to say but your website is ancient.

With AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) the website visitor via a mobile device will no longer have to wait for those countless seconds to access the webpage.

Why should you invest your time, effort and money on Responsive Web design & AMP?

  • AMP – It is backed by Google – Which means sooner or later it will affect search engine optimization, i.e your website ranking.
  • RWD – The mobile surfers form a huge part of e-commerce today and have a high conversion ratio comparatively.

If you have a website or blog which you need to make mobile friendly or get a new ecommerce webdesign made completely or wish to get into Accelerated Mobile Pages then get in touch with Jimmy Thakkar in Mumbai:

AMP & Responsive Website Design

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