I am Jimmy Thakkar – Web designer, Mumbai (India). I specialize in providing Website design, Web development, Search engine optimization and Logo designing services.

What services i provide as a web designer ?

  • Evaluate the client’s specific needs and resources to create the best website possible within those parameters.
  • Write content for the web pages for multiple types of web browsers and platforms to provide easy access to the widest possible audience. Use a service that tests and reports back on how the website will look / function on more than 15 browser version / platform combinations.
  • Optimize all graphics used on the website for quality and file size so graphics will load even on slower connections and older machines.
  • Provide text alternatives for all graphics for browsers that have the images disabled or text-only web browsers and indexing agents.
  • Spell check and proofread all pages and related documents for the website.
  • Web designer should also Include contact information and copyright notices for clients.

Some of the more commonly required web design services i offer are …

  • Complete website design from scratch free from technical errors.
  • Re-design of existing websites (also free from technical errors).
  • Optimization of website for search engines.
  • Domain name selection and registration.
  • Assistance with finding an appropriate website Hosting Service
  • Design of navigation for website for ease of use
  • Graphics creation, photo scanning and touch-ups
  • Flash or gif animations
  • ASP programming to dynamically generate web pages
  • Conversion of text or word processed documents to HTML
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF file conversion
  • Search engine registration
  • Photo slide shows and albums.
  • Chat rooms and message forums.
  • User polls and questionnaires.
  • Virtual Reality (3D) walk-throughs of panoramas, buildings and more.
  • Modifying existing copy (text) from other sources, such as brochures, for the web.
  • Website maintenance – either ongoing or on an “as-needed” basis.
  • Small and home office network setup / troubleshooting / maintenance.

Some other questions :

What is a domain name?

A domain name tells computers where to find your webpage on the internet. Each domain name is assigned to a numerical IP (internet protocol) address by your host provider. A domain name translates this number into words.

How do I register a domain name?

The first step is to find out if the domain name you want to use is available. The best way to do this is by using a “whois” utility feature that can be found on any domain registrars website. (Go to whois.domaintools.com to check out a domain name you are considering.)

Once you have decided on a domain name that is available, the next step is to register it. I personally recommend using the Godaddy or Name.com websites for registering your domain name. They make the process very simple — just fill in the form with your information and submit it and you are finished. To see my current pricing on Domain, Hosting or website design just go to www.jimmythakkar.com

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