There is no way you can talk to someone at paytm
0120 3888388

On that helpline number they will forward you to a number which will help you. The number is:
011 33996699

On that number if you are not a registered paytm user then they will ask you to register on paytm.

Next one is awesome:

If you are a paytm user and have lost your phone then press 1 ; if you are paytm user and have lost your phone and wish to logout then press 2


There is no other option!

You cannot talk to a customer service guy and there are absolutely no other options for a user to choose from

What if the person has NOT lost his phone and wants help with paytm?

You know that’s a possibility?!

So you figure out you have to call from your register number only.

So If you call from the mobile number which is your paytm number (your mobile number for paytm) they will just direct you to different options and then automatically end the call.

Then you try again and they will give you options like

  • if you cannot login then press …
  • if you wish to update profile then press …
  • if you are unable to create a new account press …
  • For main menu goto …

Again there is no option to talk to a customer service guy who will answer your questions. Just choosing numbers and * and # and go back to the main menu and change language.

All I wanted was an answer from them asking why someone cannot send money into my account because PayTM is saying I have crossed the monthly limit (that too on the 1st of Feb). That is strange considering the fast it was the 1st of the month and that person paying to me is the first person paying to me in that month and no I hadn’t reached the payment limit (which they state is 20,000 per month).

There is also a third number which is mentioned on :
+91 22 26133197

Either the number is busy or nobody will answer call on that number.

Now I will try contacting them by email.

Thought this post would end here but no. I go to to send them an email but there also it is hard to open a ticket because it gives you an option of

Issue in sending money to another mobile number

NOT “Issue in RECEIVING money FROM another mobile number”

So you get stuck there.

Will just try those numbers again or search for their email or something. WIll update post later explaining what I did next…

Update 1

Somehow managed to open a ticket after that and awaiting reply from them. Meanwhile I tried contacting them on another number which is there on the paytm app. The number is:
0120 33663377

Funny enough I was not able to get them through the registered mobile number but could get through to them though using the other number and there was no issue this time. I talked to customer service and they said your limit is 10,000 per month and I asked them why there was a problem getting 9500 Rs then on the 1st of the month when no other transaction has been done and they said you have received 5000 so you can probably try 4500 tomorrow and I asked them does the system work on trial and error method? Please confirm and tell me if it is possible or not and he said he will keep me on hold and check.

on hold right now for 4 minutes…total duration of call 14 minutes 50 seconds (to be fair the customer service guy did ask me if its ok if he put my call on hold). Call got disconnected automatically and I got no proper answer.

Now tweeting and facebooking them along with a CC copy to their email id. Will update later….

Update 2

Email response I received to my message:

“Hello Ashish,

At Paytm, we believe in providing fast resolution to your queries or issues. You can contact our Paytm Care Team using any one of the below-mentioned mediums.

Via Call :
To reach us via call, please follow these steps to get the 24×7 helpline numbers of the various services offered by us.
1. Launch your Paytm app
2. Go to the ‘Help & Support’ tab under the ‘Profile’ section of your app
3. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the various 24×7 helpline numbers

Via Web :
To raise a query or issue through web, please follow these steps.
1. Visit
2. Select the issue with which you are facing a problem
3. Specify your problem by choosing the transaction and the list of issues that pops up
4. In case your issue is not resolved by the suggestion we provide, you may click on ‘Message Us’

Via App :
To raise a query or issue through app, please follow these steps.
1. Launch Paytm app
2. Go to the ‘Help & Support’ tab under the ‘Profile’ section of your app
3. Go to the ‘I need help with:’ section and choose the option you have a query with
4. In case your issue is not resolved by the suggestion we provide, you may click on ‘Message Us’

If you have any queries, please reach out to us.

Paytm Care”

I then opened a support ticket/query using the app.

I did not get any response in couple of hours so I decided to try them on phone!

Again 0120 33663377

I was told limit khatam hone wali hai issiliye u cant do it


another option is that I can try receiving the money in installment!

I wasn’t convinced so I asked if I could speak to a senior and then I was asked if the call can be put on hold.

Note: Also I was told there is no way I can check my limit etc through admin area of my account. I am pretty sure this feature was there earlier.

After keeping on hold for 2-3 minutes I was told my account is showing 10,000 as the limit whereas general limit of normal account in 20,000. My problem has been forwarded to concerned team and they will get back to me in 24 to 48 hours.

Polite customer service representative but problem still remains. Hopefully someone will get back to me sooner with a solution.

PS: I was also told your limit is less because KYC has not been done.

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