Funny – reliance internet connection

1. They will keep transferring your line from one dept to another dept and you will have to explain your same problem you have had for 6 months to every person your line has been transferred to. Chances are that each and every employee of reliance must have heard my problem by now.

2. Some one liners :
-> Transferring your line to r-connect dept.
-> Transferring your line to customer service.
-> Transferring your line to technical dept.
-> Are you getting all signals ?
-> How can i solve your problem until you tell me everything. (I must have called them about 150 times and written 20 times).
-> Sorry but are systems are being upgraded.(This seems like some company on the move. Do they upgrade their system everyday ?)
-> Your problem will get solved by (add 2 days to whichever date you have called)
-> Technical dept will get back to you. (I think they will callme any moment now and ask me to check my internet settings).

Reliance internet connection

I have been using the reliance internet connection and I can say there has never been any such internet connection internet service provider as bad as Reliance.

It disconnects atleast 20 times a day.

Problems with reliance internet connection:
1. Gets disconnected between downloads. so if you are downloading 10 mb file and it gets disconected at 6 mb then you have to redownload the whole file again and here you will be charged for 16 mb and not 10 mb. I wonder if this is intentional.

2. Disconect between chats. It is so annoying for a client or friend or co-worker if you just logoff in between chats. Sorry but thats not a logoff. Because of a pathetic connection some people get loggedoff automatically. Thanks to reliance connection.

3. Waste of time this reliance internet connection is. There are times when you are submitting a form and you get disconnected then. Here you have to reconnect then go back, fill the form again and then submit. There are times when you have to fill the same form more than twice.

4. After it automatically disconects you , you still have to click on disconect button. Then you have to wait for few minutes so that the connect button appears so that you can click on it to reconnect. If you end the application and restart it to connect , it wont happen. You will then have to restart your computer.


1. In the begining I was told that there were problems with my laptop and was forwarded to third party hardware company who asked me to pay 750 to solve the problem. I did not go for it. Turned out that the problem was NOT in my laptop.

2. Earlier it was like everytime you call them up they will tell you your problem will get solved in a day or 2. Once when i called at abt 11.55 pm i was told your problem will get solved by 12.00 . It’s been 5 months already.

3. They will not provide you with their alternative broadband connection on request even when you have informed them that you are sick of the reliance internet connection.

In short – do NOT go for reliance internet connection.

You loose business and you loose peace of mind. If they were in the U.S, i am sure someone wud have sued.


1.I called up yesterday to change my plan and the lady is telling me i am not even enrolled in the old plan. Then the phone got disconnected and i had to call the support again and another customer support confirms that i am enrolled in the old plan.

So i ask whats the cost of changing the plan and i get the response “Servers are being upgraded so i cannot tell you the price” (I have heard about the server upgradation 50 times i think).

I guess i will just continue checking how bad their entire sevice is before i quit using them.

2.Saturday August 5th, 2006 my assistant called reliance up and this is what they said :

1. Problem will get sorted in a little while (Hilarious)
2. They are setting up 2-3 more towers to solve the entire problem.

3.Once again on a long Convo and after waiting and being transfered to numerous ppl they told me that they had no problems in the area.

Same old advice that has been given to me throughout the year :

1.check computer
2.check wire
3.check IE
4.which os
5.Spyware , anti virus? i get signals?
7.and in the end after checking everything is fine :

Pls get the phone checked !

Next day i get a call and representative asks if everything is fine and i say no. Never heard from them after that. Been a week after that but nothing yet.

4.15th July again they said it will be solved in 22 hrs.
nothing yet.

I hope they meant 15th july 2006.


Last when spoken to them they said the problem is there in that area and will be solved on 30th June 2006 as they are putting up new tower.

It’s 15th July and it’s as bad as ever.

6.Ps : i was disconected twice while updating this post.

Years later I am having trouble with Reliance customer service again. Read here:
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Jio Internet service: 10/10
Jio Customer service on how to resolve: -5/10

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