My Net4 india review

A couple of days back i got a call from net4 india saying my domain is about to expire and that i should renew it.

I already told the lady my domain is no longer with them and i had also renewed it.

(I had moved to because i was not happy with net4).

Little while later i again got a call back from them saying sir your domain is expiring on xx-xx-2010 and that you should renew it.

I told the customer service person that it has been renewed and the whois registry shows domain expiry as 2011 and not 2010.

The lady replied this is how the whole thing works and that the whois registry will always show 1 year more.

Registry will show 1 year more ?


This is either a lie to misguide you or the customer service have no knowledge of the domains or the registry.

After few days again i got an email from them which read :

Dear Xxxxxx,

We thank you for choosing Net4, India’s largest IP Communication Solutions Provider. It is our privilege to have you as our valued customer & we appreciate you for your continued patronage.

This is to inform you that your domain “xxx.xx is expiring on 2010.02.18. You still have 6 days day(s) left to renew your domain name.

Please renew the domain before its expiry date, thereby ensuring the safety of your domain name well in advance without paying anything extra.

How to renew your domain name ?”

After that the email id and telephone number were given so that renewal of the domain is possible.

After the phone call conversation and reading the contents of their email i am sure about 1 thing they’re either trying to cheat the customer or feel their customers are just fools.

I am glad i had transferred registrars long back.



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