Long time no see ?!

Back in school when you were taught about business studies it was so damm easy and clear. It’s all there on paper and this is how it has to be.

In reality however things are quite not the same.

What is the single most thing in your business ?

It is NOT your experience.
It is NOT your employees.
It is NOT your office.
It is NOT your knowledge.
It is NOT your finance.


The single most thing that is most important in your business is YOUR customer.

I know it.

You know it.


But yet somehow we always keep forgetting the customer / the client.

We all take care of our employees.
We all take care of our offices and we certainly do take care of our finances.

What about the customer ?
Anything special for the customer ?
Any free gifts ?
Any surprises ?
That extra help and support ?

I remember when I used to go to office with my grand father. A big deal was always made by him if i ordered a snack or something for myself. But if a customer arrives he was treated as ‘GOD’. That special treatment , that sweet talk…..

That were the old days 🙂

I wonder if people still do business that way.

Well, i dont see that happening around me ?! Do you ?

Let’s get back to the old days. Let’s do something for that old client. Something special.

Make him feel special. Surprise him (or her).

Make an effort do give something MORE….

Dont be selfish for once. Dont think about sales , money, targets, goals, benefits, marketing, selling or SHIT.

Just do it with your heart and your business has got to prosper.

As the saying goes here at Jimmy’s Value World:

You take care of the business and the business WILL take care of you ! 



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