Find below the communication between me and tata indicom people.

My review is that the product photon plus is nice but the company and their service SUCKS…

Dear Sir ,
Greetings from Tata Indicom!
              With reference to the below mail we would like to inform you that we have not received any Cancellation request from your end , also when we check the Bills of May & June month there is a usage and the balance amount is very much payable, same is already confirmed to you earlier  while closing the complaint number 275144227.
           There is a balance outstanding amount of 1638 /- in the account , we can adjust the amount of 239 /- and rest 1399 is  payable , Request you to clear the Balance amount and confirm so that we can carry out the adjustment activity from our end
Hope the above clarifiesWarm Regards,
VIJAY YADAV.Nodal Desk  – TATA Indicom—–Original Message—–
From: (Email id hidden)
Sent:   2011-08-16 17:40:39.0
To  :
Cc:   null
Subject:   Complaint~~M5018049
[Note:  Please don’t change the subject for internal tracking purpose and immediate action.
_____________________________This is after my talk with Komal kulkarni.I am pasting below the email which I had sent on 5th August to �<>;;� :—
I had used tata photon+ earlier and I had some problems with you people which is why I closed the account. Problem :

I had sent u a request to change the plan which allows me to use more than 5gb and not get charged more � only the speed of the connection would get slow. This request was not taken by you and hence I had to pay extra. While making the payment I had informed you that I will no longer require your product or service.

I settled the amount and I don�t know why you people are still generating and sending me new invoices. I have used 0 mb after my final payment. You may continue generating new invoices and keep sending me emails but I am not going to pay you a single amount.

It feels like u have cheated me once and u continue to make a fool of me. What kinda organization are you running ?

If I continue to get calls and emails from you then I am sending my complaint to consumer forums and writing about this all over my blogs.

If you are trying to cheat me then pls stop it and if you are dumb enough to realize a customer has left you then please open your eyes and check your data I have not freaking plugged in your device ever since I made the settlement payment. I have been using reliance netconnect for months now.

I am saving this email because I have a feeling this might not reach you like my service requests and complains thru emails and feedback forms have not reached you or gone unnoticed.

Ashish H Thakkar

CC sent to :<>;<>;
my registered email :
my number with you people : 9867676363
9223984109 is what my number used to be…

I also received an email on 6th august which says �
Your complaint 275144227 has been successfully resolved and closed by us.

To help us serve you better, please tell us about your satisfaction with the resolution provided on your complaint,

If you are SATISFIED, please click on the link below to respond; �

I don�t know what complaint number this is and what you have resolved.

Is there any person in your organization who can tell me what is going on? If you have resolved then issue then why do you still keep calling me and asking me for payment (for the service I am not even using).

I did get a call from one of your people asking me to pay the bill or you people will keep calling me daily or keep visiting me.

This is like mental harassment you know ?

I had talked to Nodal officer on 9225525252 date 24th May saying fine if this is what you want I am ready to pay the amount but I don�t want to use your product or service any longer and she had acknowledged it on phone. I don�t understand how you can still generate the bill ?

When I had initially made the request to change my plan thru form which was not received by you , you people told me that requests are taken on phone and when I did the whole complaint for that and said you need to close my account then now you are coming up to me and telling me you are supposed to MAKE A REQUEST ? what the hell is this ?

This is really frustrating for me. Even if you just resolve this issue now you have still made me go thru lot of agony. My work is suffering.

I just toked again to nodal officer RIGHT NOW � one of the team members of Shugna shetty told me please let me know your complaint and then if she feels right then she will let me talk to her. After I told her my story she would not let me talk to her. I asked her a few times if it is possible anyhow for me to talk to her and she said �NO�.

I am giving you 48 hrs after this I will send my complaint to consumer forums and post it on blogs and where I feel like.

Ashish H Thakkar

CC sent to :;;

update 1 : the customer care person that told me she will arrange a talk with ms shetty later said she isnt even the nodal officer for Mumbai.

update 2 : if some1 wants confirmation i had asked them to close my account they can talk to ms shetty with whom i talked to on 24th may for abt 20-30 mins i guess. if someone wants to see email which i fwded them asking them to close my account that i can fwd as well. it said “i no longer wish to use your services”.

update 3 : i have forwarded this email to tata people and my next step would be to send to consumer forums and other blogs.

update 4 : a few days after i made this entry i got help from Mahesh C Utge – Tata Teleservices Limited, which approved the waiver of total amount pending.

Still keep getting daily emails from auto generated email saying that the amount is pending…


Update 5 : November 16th 2011 – Recived a letter from Advocate high court saying that if i dont pay the dues amounting to 1738 by OCT 31 2011 then they will initiate appropriate legal proceedings both civil and or criminal.

It cant get more ridiculous than this. 1st they tellme that i do not need to pay the amount and months later they want to go ahead with legal proceedings ?


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