A Few days back I was asked by my aunt (who is an expert in Homeopathy) as to how an article should be written for the internet. The answer is simple – “Write BIG”.

The art of writing for the web is not actually a difficult art and can be mastered by anyone. Even by a person having average English writing skills. Search Engines love content and content can be created only by filling up your pages with unique text. While writing for the Web make sure you write in detail. Make sure you are not a miser when it comes to writing words. For Example if you want to write “Please read my Article” write something like “Below is my article on XYZ please go ahead and read it for your pleasure.” In this manner you have created more content in text format that is loved by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn.

The point here is to expand each and every word and each and every statement in your article to the max(same stands true for the web). Article writer’s have mastered this art and are writing daily using this technique to their benefit. It’s like reading a book and writing it in your own words. You have understood the topic and are just converting those thoughts into Black and White (colour, if you are using some color for the font).

Make sure your article is properly formatted because not everyone will have the same text viewer as yours. Make proper wordwrap and try and check your article in different text viewers like notepad and textpad.

Before you submit your article to article sites or publish your Ezine, make sure you check for your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Have a proper flow in your article. Have paragraphs, bullets where needed so that the page does not look congested.

Always write your article in English because it is a Universal language and it will be understood by everyone. The language should be simple and the words used should be easy to understand and not higher vocabulary words that can only be understood with the help of a dictionary.

You should always use the resource box to your benefit. Make sure you have a unique resource box for every article. In this way you will have fresh profile content with every fresh article.

Jimmy Thakkar
(Search engine optimization head, Jvw India).

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