Javascript popup is actually one of the best method today for web advertising and catching the users attention. We will discuss in this article below the impact of javascript popup on various groups :

1.Advertiser :- The advertiser benefits the most because his message gets through. As simple as that !
The advertiser can create different types of popup windows which will have the advertising message displayed on it. These popups are not only effective with popup blockers but are also effective with general website audience because they’re eye catchy in nature.

2.The Search Engines :- Various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn provide their toolbars with popup blocking facility. Such toolbars were introduced because many web advertisers took undue advantage of the popup method to create tons of popups for their websites and webpages. Unfortunately the search engine companies cannot make popup blockers for such type of Javascript Popups because removing Javascript and Dhtml can make the website look improper and ugly. Still Microsoft released Windows Xp service pack 2 which has one such option which can block Javascript Popups.

3.General Users :- It is good for the general users that the Javascript Popup windows have replaced the conventional popups. The conventional popups were very annoying and could hang your browser or operating system for some time. These new Javascript Popups are not actually new windows but an imitation of the old Popup windows in the same browser window itself and can be closed easily on a single click.

4.Developers :- The developers have a new challenge to create new and different types of Javascript and Dhtml Popups. The types of popup Ads that can be created with the use of these Javascript popups is left to the imagination of a web developer. The developers have created various software and scripts to create such type of popups even if the user does not know any programming language or have any knowledge of Javascript coding. Some such apps that fall under this category to create Javascript popup are :
a) Impact Popup Software.
b) Hoverads Software.
c) Javascript Popup created with Jvw Popup maker.

What is so good about these software is that you can create eye catching beautiful popups by just choosing the popup style you want that is available with the software, generating the code and pasting it in your document. The style may vary from conventional popup windows to advanced Javascript popups for optin ads, limited time offer ads or bouncy popup ads to catch the website visitors attention.

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