Best way to search engine promotion is to writing fresh content.

So the question is where do you get new and fresh content regularly to be able to attract the search engine spiders and improve your website ranking the easiest way.

The answer is simple – Just check your HARD DRIVE !

Sounds stupid ?

I will show you ways that can prove my point.

To put weight on my point i did a search on to check the number of words typed by a computer user at an average.

The number was BIG !

So where does all this typing go to ?

Don’t ask me – YOU think about it !

Here is my advice. Just keep note of what all typing you are doing on your computer throughout the day, the advice you are giving away to people. I recently found out that much of free advice i am giving away to people can be used as content for my own site or BLOG. I started extracting my own advice (yes my own typed text) from :

  • Various Forums I visited.
  • Blog comments I used to make.
  • My chat logs from Yahoo and MSN messenger.
  • My sent items folder.
  • Chat room messages I visited (Web design channel, windows talk, etc). You can keep logs of messages for your instant messenger by opting for the always save chat messages options in Yahoo and MSN messenger. Always keep this in mind – Always give advice or type something which is some WORTH !Cheers,
    Jimmy Thakkar
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