Now you will ask me this question What exactly Rss is ?

Rss stands for really simple syndication. As the name suggests it is really simple and it is the way of syndicating. Nowadays everyone is using Rss to their benefit. A website publisher can display article and content with Rss. A website promoter can promote his website and gain link popularity with Rss. With Rss both the website publisher and the website promoter have benefited, the website publisher got the content for his webpages (that search engines love) and the website promoter got the link back that he wanted in order to promote his website.

Another way of using Rss is Rss readers. Rss reader are of 2 types :-

1. Rss for the web :- Example for this is my Msn and my Yahoo. With these Rss reader’s you can have syndicated content for any Rss feed. One example of Rss field is

2. Desktop Rss reader :- People prefer this kind of Rss reader because it remains on the desktop and is a faster way of reading Rss.

Some examples of Rss reader are feed daemon and Rss aggregator.

Why Rss is so important and popular because it is the way of gaining information faster , easier and more convenient manner. You do not have to worry about Email Spam anymore because you will get only that information which you have asked for. Example :- If you are into Stock exchange you can subscribe to only those Rss feeds that are related to Stock exchange, if you are into Search Engine Optimization you can subscribe to SEO feeds like the Jimmy Thakkar blog.

Other popular blogs in this category are :-
1) Matt cutts blog.
2) Jay Abraham blog.
3) Willie Crawford blog.
4) You can search others at ‘my yahoo’, ‘my google’ or ‘my msn’.

Either you can bookmark their blogs or you can add them to your favorite Rss reader.

Rss is also revolutionizing the way people are promoting their websites. With Rss you can get your website index within few days. It can also help you in promoting the product feeds. If you are not started using Rss it is high time you do so. More information about Rss can be found out on various ebook sites, article sites and forums. You can also read the Yahoo Rss page for help on Rss.

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