Just a forum written convo with client – thought i’d share…

Hi Raul,

When i initially came to know that you wanted to make this site i thought this is a good idea (but only if you have got the basics right).

Your question : What is seo ?
Seo is short for search engine optimization. You know when you go and type in a keyword in a search engine like Google and a site comes on rank 1 ?
rank 2 ?
rank 3 ?

These ranked sites have done search engine optimization. Meaning they have optimized a site in such a way for the search engines that makes the search engines love them and give them top ranking.

The replica watches site you were talking about has optimized the site and has also built links for it to rank higher. If we just copy their entire site and try to be like it from our own domain then it wont work because of 2 reasons :

Copied content – search engines hate it.

Our site is new and not popular enough – How do you think your customers will find you ? To make it popular we will have to edit each page and add content to it. Unique and fresh content which is not copied. Also link building is required to gain popularity. There are 1500 sites liking to the one which you showed and what we have right now is only a domain with no site and no link.

So as a web designer cum seo expert I advice you not to go ahead with your plan. Think about it.

You can start on with one small niche and keep adding to it. This way you will get a hang of it and also make money.

Start slow and keep building on it.

Let me know.

Jimmy H Thakkar

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