Yahoo has come up with a new feature that will change the way you look out for the things.

Did you ever have problems finding Local listings, news and information, travel info, videos, images , Dictionary Definitions or just about anything ?
Do not worry as Yahoo shortcuts has the answer.

1.Area codes – Unfamiliar number on your caller ID ? – Checkout where the caller is calling from.

2.Best Oil, gas and burger prices near your home – Find Cheapest place in your town for absolutely anything.Whats good is that it will also give you the number and info through map.Although Yahoo will save your money this way but it sure will make you lazier.

3.Upto date information on traffic – Nope not web traffic.Just TRAFFIC ! : Checkout how the traffic is before you head out for that important meeting.If in LA, i sure would not want to go through the traffic of St James.

4.Local business – To instantly find any local business from plumber to taxis to taxidermists.People will stop going to freelance sites to find that software developer or web designer anymore i guess.

5.Weather – Checkout the weather before you head out for that short vacation with your family.

6.Zip codes – Find updated zip codes for any city to make sure your mail reaches in time.

1.Movie showtime – Don’t miss that movie : see what’s playing when at theaters in your area.Listing also shows important info of theatres like Wheelchair Accessible , Listening Devices Available , THX Certified Theater, Preferred Parking Available , Cafe on Premises , Party Room Available , Print At Home Ticketing , Discounted / Bargain shows , Kiosk For Ticket Pick-Up, SDDS Sony Digital Dynamic Sound , Stadium Seating, DTS Digital Theater Systems , Game Room on Premises, DLP Digital Light Processing .

2.Sports scores – Find the latest in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey scores.Oh, No game for LA lakers today.

3.Stock quotes – A time saver for businessmen.How’s your portfolio performing today? Get the price of any stock with links to quotes, charts, news, and more.

4.Images and videos – Find absolutely any image or video in seconds.Do not even think of typing priyanka chopra images on yahoo : You’ll spend half of your day browsing through the gallery.

1.Airport info – Check for the current conditions, terminal map, driving directions, and local weather.

2.Exchange rates – Find latest conversions rate.Must for freelancers who charge in U.S dollars.

3.Flight Tracker – Do not check this info if you wish to get to the airport and find out that your flight has been delayed.Real time information is available.

4.Hotel Finder – Find the best place for you to stay.Has an amazing database of 46,000 cities worldwide.

1.Registered info finder – Find details info about Registration number, ISBN, package tracker for UPS and Fedex, UPC codes, U.S patents or Vehicle history(Are you buying a stolen car ? – I would personally check the vehicle history before buying any vehicle).
2.Calculator functions – If you are tired of calc.exe then you might go to yahoo and do some calculations.It can also help you in Weights and Measures Conversion, Celsius to Fahrenheit, cup to gallons and much more…

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