Who are the best Web designers in Mumbai?

I hear this question a lot. I have also seen people asking their friends for suggestions on website designers. The answer you need to find out to get the best website makers in Mumbai is with you – YES, it is in your hands.

Why do you have to ask your friends and relatives on Facebook or Twitter as to who the best web developer is or where you can hire the best website design company in Mumbai.
What worked for your friend might not work for you. A portfolio web designer might not be good enough to develop an ecommerce store, or an html website designer might not be an expert at creating a WordPress blog for you.

The search engine is at your disposal. Why would you need anything else?

Note: The first result you find in the search engines is not always the best. Here are the steps you need to follow to find good website creators in Mumbai OR in Navi Mumbai (Or for that matter the whole of India or the world).

  • Browse the best sites through online yellow pages or the best ranked sites in your favorite search engine.
  • Analyse each and every site; do not believe everything you read on the websites. An agency claiming to be the best in the business might be good but may not be what YOU are looking for in terms of quality or price.
  • Ask for the rates and portfolio of these companies (or freelancers).
  • Compare the responses you have got to what you actually wish to get developed.


Note: Make sure you make a background check of the website makers before you hire them. For example if you are looking for the best website designer in Bangkok, make sure you check out reviews of the companies/freelancers you have short-listed using your favourite search engines and local directories in Thailand. A website with many bad reviews is a no-no. A website development company who is less than a year old is also a no-no (Nothing wrong in hiring someone new but do not pay money upfront).

Jimmy Thakkar states:

If you have been a top website designer in Mumbai and you need to be the best then you not only need years of experience and quality of work to prove yourself but you need to be transparent when costs are involved and you certainly need a good amount of expertise in the field of search engine optimization. Designing a website is one thing but if the web designer does not design and code the website in a way that it is search engine friendly then it pulls the website down, which is in no way a good thing for the website owner or the website designer’s reputation.

You should also visit each and every site personally to see the look of these designers – A website design firm which has a bad look and feel for their own site will surely do no justice to his/her client’s site.

Which of the two designs you would choose from?

good design
ugly design

Your instincts will guide you in making a decision.

Once you have shortlisted a couple of designers, you will have to ask them general details before you can pick one.

Ask them the following details:

  1. Will they be willing to sign a contract?
  2. How big is their team – Are they a web design firm or a freelancer?
  3. By when will they finish the project?
  4. What if you do not like the initial design?
  5. Who will be responsible for the graphics and content?
  6. Will they help you out with search engine optimization?

Finally, make sure they follow the latest trends and are not still living in the 90s. If the web designer you are hoping to hire is using copied text content or image and does not have a mobile site or cannot create one for you then delete them from your list.

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