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Okay, I have a website ready now; what to do next?

Congrats you have a website now but the main part comes next:

Did you think about Website Maintenance or SEO or Branding?

Take a look at what you should be doing after your website is ready.

What kind of videos can you create for my company/website?

When you are sending your enquiry please be very specific as to what you require. Please see some examples below of the type of videos we can create for your website or brand:

Mobile-first (vertical):

You created a WordPress website for me but I do not know how to edit my pages?

If this is your first time managing your website then you are obviously going to face some difficulty. You can email Jimmy Thakkar any time and you will get a response to your query. In the meantime you can check out the WordPress tutorial that will help you with your WordPress website:

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