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Website analysis report : WHY

It is very important to have your website analysed in order to make sure that your webpages are properly optimized for search engines, linked and promoted on them. It is important that you get your webpages, content, keywords and webpage design properly analysed and enhanced in order to get the top rankings for your website. With the introduction of strict laws from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn it is very necessary that you stay updated with the requirements of these search engines.In one of my last analysis i was able to help a website owner from getting his website banned. it's good that the tweaks were done in time - The website is now highly ranked on and i have a Happy customer for life.

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    "Great work--very fast, very helpful. I'd definitely work with him again".

    JD Fuentes

    "Just a short note to tell you that was the best money I have ever spent getting your report! I simply followed the step-by-step, detailed analysis that you provided for my site's search engine optimization. It's like the old saying, When you a ready to learn, the Master will appear. Thanks very much for you assistance!".

    Sam McCord

    Website analysis report - WHAT will it include?

    You can expect a detailed 3 page analysis report with do's & dont's, tweaks and promotion tips for your website i.e the report will tell you what you should be doing in order to improve your ranking and what you should be changing/removing in your website which is stopping you from getting a higher rank. It does not matter if your site is new or has been around for many years.

    The detailed report includes :

    • What are the HTML tags that you should add and tweak in webpage, inner pages
    • .
    • Quality links - Which are the reciprocal links you should be aiming at and which are the links that are currently on your website that could harm your ranking.
    • How and where to add the links and tags on your website to get a higher ranking.
    • Whether your website is optimized for search engines other than Google - (Like Yahoo and Msn) and ways you can optimize and promote it for all search engines.
    • Whether your page has been keyword optimized, report on text and code optimization of your site.
    • External factors that can improve your ranking by leaps and bound according to theme of your website.
    • Report on whether your website has been designed in the best possible manner for website crawlers.
    • Analysis of various tags on your webpage (Including your Title and Meta tags).
    • And much, much more.

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