When it comes to blogs:

  • Quality > Quantity
  • Quality AND Quantity > Quality OR Quantity

Instead of making a weblog post entry once a day which consists of mere 4 lines it would be best if you make a post which has search engines something worth to index for. Well you can get indexed even if you make a smallest of post and do the blog and ping process but the poor quality of your post will actually hurt your position on the search engines. If you can write regular long content daily then there is nothing like it. The key here is regular and rich content that will bring the search engines and blog sites coming on to you rather than you asking them to come to you. YES, the search engines are looking for sites just like these which are regularly updating itself with quality.

Some Do’s :
1) At least blog 2 times a week and make sure you have something worth to blog about.
2) Best advised to keep auto pinging on with your blog post entries.
3) If you have a professional or business site then post on the days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
4) If your site is personal then you can make posts on Friday , Saturday and Sunday.

Some Dont’s:
1) Do not make blogs just for the heck of it.
2) Do not spam on blogs.
3) Don’t use copied, stale content on your blog.
4) Do not post wrong URLS. Check URLS of you blog before submitting the blog.

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