Web designing and graphic designing isn’t just about putting the information for the client and making it all look presentable, rather it’s about keeping in mind what is in demand. To keep abreast of the new developments in market and latest techniques aids the designers to anticipate and deliver better. In order to simplify your search, we bring to you the hottest trends of this year, 2015 that already have and will continue to take the web designing industry by storm.

  • Flat Designs: This trend is sure to not just stay but also grow. Its demand has increased almost two folds and its minimalistic outlook is user-friendly. The design avoids cluttering of graphics, boldly uses the blank and yet looks sophisticated. With the increased use of mobile-net, this trend has got a further impetus.
  • Responsive Technique: This trend has hit the market hard and has made the designers and analysts put on the thinking cap. It has become a must have for latest sites, however it should be used in moderation as mobile users are often irritated by the time it takes to load.
  • Typography: The users have been so bored by the usual fonts that they seldom like to pay attention to the usual Times New Roman or Arial font. Typography has always been influential but this year it’ll be more so as designers feel free to experiment with size and style.
  • Infographics: Since what you see is catchier than what you read, emphasis has been to develop informative graphics that provide all the information in an innovative manner. Not only are they visually more appealing but are quite communicative. Both colours and high resolution graphics are the best combo for them.
  • Videos: Graphics and websites can now tell a moving story, and quite literally so because videos are ranging high in popular charts. To then not make use of this trend in designing would be a blunder and thus designers from all over the world have started employing it and are successful in attracting more users.
  • Parallax: With their scrolling technique and impactful images, parallax gives a fantastic visual feat to the users and is fast becoming a rage now. The year would see more experiments and bolder innovations in the same.

Along with all that, spring colours and minimalistic designs would continue to influence web as well as graphic designs. The key is to make it visually appealing and yet easily accessible.

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