Sunday i went to church with a friend.

I always had this feeling about the church where you have a big room like they show in movies (ddlj, rocky, love actually) and hollywood movies where a marriage is taking place and stuff like that but only after i visited i understood it’s not about the statues of jesus or big halls or nuns.

*It’s about the feeling.*

It was a class room type with 70-100 people…

I met few people out there and they greeted me like i have been coming there for years. it was cool. The people and the singing and the kids and the ‘Shattered dreams — Luke 24:13-49′.

I wondered if anyone could give me the mp3 versions of “i believe i believe” or “because he lives”. No they do not have it nor any recording of it. So maybe when i go there next time i will actually record the whole thing and upload it over here.

The explanation by the Pastor was also good.

In the end the girl Mahz (i dunno how to pronounce that name) sitting with me was tickling and making that baby smile which was next to us ?
I think that was really sweet :) . If maybe i wudnt go to the church for the songs or the feel i would go for somthing like this.

I think i will go there regularly ?

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