So that you can understand Timmy’s Syndrome easily, I have listed all the information related to it using a FAQ.

What is Timmy’s syndrome?
It is a stuck up mental condition where in your mind you start selecting a person’s first letter of the last name and putting it in the first position of first name and replacing it with the first letter of the first name. Example if your name is David Beckham then a person with Timmy’s syndrome will in his mind read it as Bavid Deckham, Justin Bieber will be read and pronounced as Bustin Jieber

Is it a serious condition?
No; but once you get it, you will always be stuck with it.

How did this originate?
It is named after the author Jimmy Thakkar (Timmy Jhakkar according to the syndrome) hence the name Timmy’s syndrome.

Can you give a few other examples?
I can, but remember – Once you get it, you will always be stuck with it:
Sumesh Kapadia=Kumesh Sapadia
Shantanu Joglekar=Jhantanu Soglekar
Priyanka Chopra=Criyanka Phopra
Deepika Padukone=Peedika Dadukone

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