A) Give them options.
Even though RSS and Blogging has been around for many years many people still do not know much about them.Many people still use email as best form to receive quality information in the form of e-zines and newsletters.How can you reach both these sections in one single way ?
The answer is ‘YOU CANT’.
It is best to offer your readers what they want rather then just giving what you have to give.You can offer RSS url to the people who love to read news in this format because they do not like to give their email id out.You can also add a newsletter subscription box to the people who still prefer reading latest news and updates though the use of email.This way you can target both types of audiences.

B) Old but effective technique of ADD ME
Other ways you can increase subscribers is by adding a ‘Add to favorites button’ on your blog.Also there is something else which is now replacing these ‘Add to favorite’ buttons.Yes it is ‘Add to Rss reader‘ that are taking over.
For example you can add a Bloglines.com image button to your site and the reader can just click on it and that’s it.They have added you to there bloglines page.(Auto button maker in software utility pack – No longer functional).
Example URL :http://www.bloglines.com/sub/http://www.yoursite.com/rss2.php
You can view your stats and see the percentage of people for each category.

C) Reach customer’s desktop
This is a new way of catching the consumer by reaching his/her desktop.The solution Blog exprss – A blog reader tool by JVW that can be customized.

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