Step1 – Understand podcast/podcasting :
A podcast is basically an audio file that is stored on the Internet that people can download to their computers , IPODS and MP3 players and listen to whenever and wherever they want to. Think of a podcast as a way to deliver any audio content to a large audience worldwide.

Step 2 – Podcast recording :
You have to get your message recorded using a mic. It is called podcast recording.You can either use your own voice or use a software like Jvw Podcast creator to use text to voice conversion for your podcasts. You can use articles, ebooks, lyrics, poems, white papers, tutorials, press releases, emails, business letters and more.

Step 3 – Create RSS feed for podcast :
You can create a simple Rss feed for your podcast with Enclosure url using a text editing software or use a podcast recording software. Make sure you make the feed itunes compatible. A simple Enclosure tag for podcast would look like this :

<enclosure url=”” length=”433296″ type=”audio/wav” />

Step 4 – Validate your podcast
After you create a podcast, it is necessary that you validate your podcast feed to make sure there are no errors in it and that it is Rss specific and itunes compatible. You can use to check out rss feeds or search for more options on Google : for Podcast validators.

Step 5- Submit your podcast
Make sure you popularize your podcast. Submit your podcast to directories and podcasting specific websites after you have created and validated the feeds. You can search for them at google :

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