April 21st, 2006

Oye.. jimmy.. how are you? left that night at 8:45 like i told you. Hey, it was grat meeting you too. you’re a relly nice guy and no matter how many left feet you are blessed with should’nt keep you off dancing your life away. we chikita’s need goog looking sweet guys like you on the floor taking care of us when we drunk.. hehe

take care..

Is this the best mail or what ?


I’ll tell you what , i am going to take a print out of this email and stick it on my wall.

About this girl Megha(the kinda girl you wud wanna get lost with on an island) who wrote me the message you already read
-she gets drunk at times ,
-smokes like a chimney (the kinda girl my mom always said to keep away from)
-loves mashed potatoes
-just cant stop talking.
and keeps asking everyone abt the matrix story ?!


I get an email from ‘the’ chick , i score a goal at football (boy this has been years) and i finish the sales for a software source code at Jvw.

Wow this day has been goooooOoOod.

so here’s the deal

1. from 1 week to this day “whosoever” visits the Jvw products page or the Jvw store thru this page gets a 50% discount on everything.

2. “the company” that bought source code gets 40% off their next source code purchase.

3. that girl who said “you’re stupid” will get 100% off the next lunch she has in town.

God bless !

Jimmy Thakkar

PS : by goog i think she meant Good :)

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