While Search engine optimization training sessions a lot of people have been asking me “how do i get started with the Search engine optimization” OR “how do i do my website promotion with this fast paced internet world where you have new promotion techniques coming up daily like Rss , Blog , Podcast etc.

Do i need blogs for my site ?
What do i do with RSS?

And i tell them – “Well did you go through Step 1 ?

Yes, before the advance seo or website promotion you need to go through STEP 1 – Which is the basics of Search engine optimization.

Check your website’s html thoroughly, There are many things you need to check with your website.

It is important that you do a proper website analysis of your pages :

  • Is the HTML code properly formatted ?
  • HTML tags properly closed and html guidelines followed ?
  • Did you give proper attention to the title and meta tags ?
  • Is there any broken link / dead link in your webpage ?
  • Are you following the CSS and Javascript guidelines properly ?
  • Is the junk in your webpage taken care of and the code kept clean ?

So it is important – If you did not do the STEP 1 properly , the efforts of STEP 2 will not give you all the benefits ?!

Ashish T.
(Head of Search engine optimization team India for JVW)

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