Search Engine Optimization Pricelist

Types of Seo packages – Your choice!

1. Monthly – $99.00
Customer will be charged on monthly basis. We will update your site according to the latest trends in SEO and Promotion.

2. By Rank – $abc to $xyz
Customer will be charged upon the performance, results. Let’s say that if the customer’s website jumps from page 10th to page 5th then he will be charged amount $x and he will be charged amount $x + $y if it jumps from page 10th to page 2nd or 1st ($x and $y are the figures that will be derived after analyzing your website and keyword and will be mentioned to you in the quote).

3. Website Analysis – $45.00-$67.00
Here the customer’s website will be analyzed for website errors and search engine optimization flaws. He will be given a detailed report on the analysis done. The report will contain everything from the basics including meta tags & html code to advanced analysis of links, ‘on page’ SEO & keywords that are important to get a higher ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

4. Complete Promotion :

(a) Rss :-Rss can help you in website promotion as it is loved by the search engines. We will create the Rss and Optimize it for better ranking. This can include RSS for blogs, ecommerce stores or podcasts.

(b) SiteMap :- We will create Google site map for you and provide you with Google Sitemap Software absolutely free of cost so that you can create Sitemaps Xml by yourself.

(c) Blog :- We will create a Blog for you and if you already have a blog we will optimize it by tweaking it with SEO plugins to get your blog higher in the rankings.

(d) Links – Starting at $29.95 for backlink :- We will gradually build incoming links for your website by various methods such as submission of Blog and Rss done by our specialized staff and inbuilt software (Software for the same will be given to you free of cost), website submission on local directories to rank your site higher locally. Most of the software we use are built in-house (submission software available free of cost to the client).

(e) Sales Promotion :- What good is a properly optimized high ranking website if it does not make any sales. We will help you in sales promotion for your products / services by techniques used by us in the past and the new techniques, latest trends in website promotion that come up. Here we will also use submission to social media and sharing sites and blogs targeted to your category.

(f) Content – $x($75-$225) ($x depending on the content and product) :- We will help you in content creation and management which is the major factor in search engine rankings. Content is KING!

Note :- All of the methods and techniques are in accordance with the webmaster guidelines of all the major search engines (Bing/Yahoo/Google).

The excel sheet will be released soon

SEO Plans and Pricing in Mumbai, India:


There is going to be a new price list formulated at the Jvw ecommerce site and Jimmy Thakkar website for the services charged on search engine optimization, search engine marketing and website promotion.

The price list on search engine optimization for Mumbai, India will be identical to the regular fees charged to other clients internationally.

The price list will contain:

  • Training for Search engine optimization – The charges for the same will be in US$ and for people who want to find out the SEO cost in India can see the rates in Indian rupees (Rates depending on the option chosen by you). List would contain charges per hour or depending on the subjects chosen.
  • Analysis of website – Currently the charges for website analysis is $45.00 but this is expected to go higher when the price-list on SEO is released. Website analysis would include complete analysis of your website to check flaws in the webpages. The results of the analysis will be sent to you by email as a 2 page html report.
  • Contract (General SEO package) – This will include search engine optimization and website marketing services but it will be an on going process and the charges for the same will be on monthly basis. Advantage for this service is that you can have your site updated according to the latest SEO trends.
  • Contract (Advanced SEO package 1) – This will be same as General contract (where the payment would be done by you per month for the SEO and promotion) except that it will also include the SEO and marketing scripts and software available by Ashish H Thakkar at JimmyThakkar.com or JVW Store.
  • wysiwyg package – What you see is what you get pay package is where you pay according to the results achieved. Let’s say after the SEO and promotion
    1. Your site jumps from page 4 to page 2 then you only pay $x.
    2. You pay $x + $y if it jumps from page 4 to page 1.

This blog topic will end in the next section with more explanation and the SEO price list which will be made in excel format. 

Please click here for updated price list on SEO and Website Design.



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