Search engine optimization basics people need to know about…

I am doing search engine optimization in India for many years now and and every now and then i just come across a question or a query just makes me yell from within :

Did you get you SEO basics right ?!?!

1. Link exchange : Link exchange just does not mean exchanging link.

Yesterday I got an email from someone asking for doing a link exchange with my website.

The website of that person was in no way related to my website but still the person sending the email was really enthusiastic and hopeful that the link exchange might do us both good hence we should exchange links.

I think their seo is being handled by the wrong person.

My Website content: related to Search engine optimization training and more.

Their website was related to health and nutrition.

Lesson: Link exchange to improve search engine rankings should only be done between two sites with similar content.

2. Below i have compiled a list (see comments section) of Search engine optimization basics using our new search software called – ‘Jvw’s Answer me now’.

Hope people will read and learn. Enjoy 🙂

Jimmy H Thakkar

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