Many dot com companies were already providing software with resell rights but ever since the source code blowout hit the market, every software reseller has jumped into the bandwagon of selling master resell rights products.

Below are a few things you should check before opting for a Resell right software package.

  • Who was the original creator of the package. Are you buying from the creator of the package or from third party.
  • How long the website has been in the business of resell software.
  • What guarantee is available with the purchase.
  • What kind of rights you are getting. You can ask a few questions :
    1. Do you have the rights to give away the software/solution free of cost?
    2. Do you have the rights to resell it in a bundled package ?
    3. Can it be offered as a free bonus ?
    4. Do you have the rights to offer resell rights(pass on the rights) to the buyer after you have purchased from the seller.
  • Do you get source code or the rebranded version.
  • If you get the source code then you must know which language the solution is written in : Php/Vb/VC++/Dot net.

The hottest products for resell rights today are SEO products and internet applications. You can make a lot of money with resell rights of these software and scripts but you have to keep the above points in mind.

Jimmy Thakkar

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