Everything is cool when you have to go and use the atm to withdraw money or you have to deposit a check in the bank. When you have issues that time you realize whats what and whos who.

So I had an amount wrongfully debit to my account so I call up the bank – the call center girl could not clearly sort out the reason so she said you will have to visit the bank branch.

I asked the girl for the relationship manager number for my bank account and she kept me on hold and said that number is not available in the system so I had to hang up and look for other ways.

I logged in to my netbanking account and clicked on contact us.

This form is one of the hardest forms you will come across in the history of banking.

No matter what I tried I just could not figure out how to correctly fill the date area because every time I went to enter the date and submit the form it would keep telling me “Please enter valid date of debit“. So the below are the combinations I tried out for 7th January 2017 so that the form would let me hit submit:

Yes, I tried few other tricks as well but finally I was successful with 07.01.2017

please enter valid date of debit hdfc

Alas I was gonna go through the form and be able to contact the bank – (that is what I thought).

When I hit the submit button I came across another error:
Please enter valid captcha code.

Here again i tried various combinations. I entered like I saw it, I entered all in caps, I entered all in small letters; but each and every time i kept getting in red “Please enter valid captcha code.”
hdfc form

I thought to myself why is it so hard to reach the bank people online or phone to get an answer?
Frustrated I started digging my inbox and look for old emails where the bank people had sent me emails related to my account. Finally I laid eyes on the below
The fastest and surest way to connect
with your Relationship Manager
Just SMS or call 070433 70433
and get a call from the bank immediately.

Turns out that did not work for me either. Both times (calling and sms), I got a response saying “Sorry this number is not registered with HDFC Bank”

  1. Sure it is. That is the number you keep sending me debits, credits, balance details.
  2. If my number is not registered for any such special service then please don’t send me such emails saying it is the fastest and easiest way to connect.

I am not sure exactly what I am complaining and angry more on. Was I more frustrated because I did not get an answer to what I was looking for?

Naa… I think it has to be the form. It should not be so hard to fill and submit a form. The bank should definitely look into it.

PS: I have been filling such forms online for more than 15 years so I know its not something from my end.

Shall update this blog post and say how things went. An hour wasted contacting the bank to look for an answer. Half hour wasted in writing this blog post.

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