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Male fashion blogger mumbai

(The model in this picture is wearing t-shirt from cotton world and jeans from Levis.)

There is nothing that goes without fashion. Everyone has his/her own fashion and tends to follow it spontaneously. In fact, the world is a fashion follower and has billions of people following the latest trends in their day to day lives.

Some may point out at you, and say that you are old fashioned. Well then give them a bold reply saying, to be old fashioned is also a part of fashion. So next when they make a comment on you make sure you have the correct way of answering them.

Fashion is any trend that you would love to follow. Well for all those fashion freaks in Mumbai or India, here are some fashion tips to follow:

1. Use Aloe-Vera, the low-priced method for diminishing pimples
2. Home-made mud-packs are best for glowing skins
3. Try out something every day to stand out amongst the crowd
4. Try not being too casual, if you are heading for office
5. Avoid skimpy and revealing dresses in office, which might have an adverse effect
6. A messy bun for a casual outing can be perfect

What about the men from Mumbai? Well, well they do really want to look like kings. Now here are some men’s fashion tips that might come handy for all you guys.

mens fashion blogger

Football jersey from Funkys Bandra

1. Wear something that just fits your physique too well
2. Be simple and win hearts
3. Wear a pair of shoes that looks great on you
4. Be a versatile fashion follower
5. Don’t just run after brands

For teens who crave for that extra bit of attention, here are some teen fashion tips to see things go your way:

1. Look exceptional
2. Try out some fashionable accessories
3. Wear something that suits your structure

Fashion tips are many, but it is upon you to choose from a vast array of style statements, as to which of it makes the best out of you.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures on street fashion, men’s fashion and fashion blogging by Mr Thakkar Himself.

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