Lot of my friends and relatives keep asking me as to how they can make money on the internet.

They get surprised seeing my lifestyle – me not working my ass off on day jobs – they don’t hear me cursing my boss – easy going – no 9 to 5 – no overtimes.

I think the night has come where i shall write it out !

There is NO secret goldmine on the internet. You will have to work hard in the beginning and then if you’re smart – you WILL sail smoothly.

1) Do you need lot of money to work on the internet
The answer is a big NO. This was not the case earlier when i started. But now you have everything free. You can start and run a website for less than $10. For my friends in college – Do not worry – you can also start off without a cent.

Website development :
-You get lots of free webpage maker software apps from which you can create websites. One such example is Jvw webpage maker @ Jimmy’s Value World.
-Even if you do not have designing skills, you can still go ahead and make a pretty website by using free available templates on the WWW. Yes, if you search you will find more than you can imagine.

-If you can not afford or do not want to spend money on hosting then you can opt in for free provides like WordPress or Blogger.
-With Google’s blogger.com you can create and run a free blog without paying a single dime. Please note that with a blog and google adsense you can make money without paying for domain or hosting or any registration fees. All you need to do is blog on a particular topic on a regular basis.

-Pay nothing for these software – Mozilla’s firefox is as good as IE, Openoffice (Libre Office) as good as MS office and openoffice suite has support for html , xml and drawing.

-This is the most satisfying of them all. You do not need to pay anyone to start receiving YOUR money. Register your account with sites like Paypal.com , Ccavenue.com , Skrill.com and start accepting money online, internationally in the form of e-checks and Credit cards.
-Whats even better is that you can have an online store setup at $0.00 and only a few clicks. This can be achieved with a script like oscommerce or wordpress woocommerce. An example for wordpress site is https://www.jimmysvalueworld.com/store/

2) But i do not have anything to sell.
Everybody sells and everything sells. If it is there on the internet for sale – IT will sell. You just have to know what to sell, where to sell and whom to sell it.
Just visit Ebay.com/Ebay.in or Amazon.com to see what all sells. Books, cars, pens, mobiles phones, cds, clothes weird stuff, Software and Info products. The only advantage of selling information over other things is that you can keep re-selling it. Example you can sell your ebook on ‘how to bake cookies’ 20 times but you cant actually sell your pack of cookies online more than once. You can resell software on any such site or create one info product of yours and sell it online. If you’re a health expert than you can write a short ebook on health and sell it, if you are a cook then you can sell your chocolate recipe or let’s say you’re an amateur musician then you may compile an ebook on how to play the guitar or how to be a DJ , etc.

3) Any other ways of making money ?.
Yes. Sell your time, knowledge and efforts. There are people who are willing to pay good money to honest and sincere working people. There might arise a question in your head – I am not really an expert at anything, How can I be of any help ?
I’ll give you a hint. Just surf a freelance site for 15 mins and you will know. Some of the projects that i saw include :
1. Logo, Web Page Header, Buttons (Jobtype : Avg image designer).
2. Write Site Descriptions (Jobtype : Writer).
3. Form filler (Jobtype : Data entry).
4. Research project (Jobtype : Web based research).

There is something for everyone. If you cant design webpages or program a software. You can offer to work on data entry projects or research projects (Learning web design with html is not that hard anyways).

4) Can i work as an agent for commission?
Yes you can. Let’s say you run a blog on health then you can sell health based products from your blog for a commission. Here you are termed as an affiliate of the company whose products you are selling. You can find such companies on sites like commissionjunction.com or clickbank.com etc. The companies can pay you anything from 25% to 75% commission per sale made.

5) Something which is more easier than selling stuff?
Well yes – ADVERTISING !
It’s called getting paid for clicks. Let’s say you run a blog and everyone from your friends to relatives, class mates or co workers keeps visiting it. How you can convert this popularity of your blog is by registering yourself with Google adsense(best and most popular in this category). You have to register with google.com/adsense and place a code on the blog which will be provided by them. That’s it !
Whenever someone visits your site and clicks on those ads, you get a commission out of it 🙂

6) I think i will screw up somewhere. What if i end up doing wrong somewhere.
Welcome to the world wide web. It’s filled with people like you and me who have questions every now and then. When you feel you are in doubt or not sure as to what’s going on , you ask. Asking questions on forums is one of the best and fastest ways to get a quick answer. If you are in field of internet marketing then you go visit an internet marketing forum, If you have doubts on your health related blog then go to a health based message board, If you are running a music site go to a music forum. Chances are that there is an answer to your question already posted on the site which was asked by someone else in the past.

more discussed next week in part 2 of this post…

Any questions can be put below in the comments area and it shall be answered to on the site itself.

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