Earlier when Search engine optimization(SEO) in India and other countries was expensive, people had no option but to pay huge amount of money to get their website optimized, training on search engine optimization and website promotion for Google and other search engines.

The things are different now.

With the loads of help, info sites available, you do not need the help of an SEO expert. Within seconds/minutes you have the answer for your question in front of you.

Below i have listed a few ways that can act as a free search engine optimization expert for you :

  1. Forums : The chances are that the question that you are asking has been asked and answered a couple of times already. You just need to browse though the popular forums of your category/topic and you’re done.
  2. Direct question and answer : You can ask a direct question and you shall receive an answer within minutes. Popular sites under this category are Google answers (Update: No longer working) and Yahoo answers at https://answers.yahoo.com .
  3. Articles : You can use the search facility at various article sites like quora.com or ezinearticles.com and find your seo solution accordingly. One popular software to find articles is JVW Article Extracor.
  4. Blogs or SEO Blogs : SEO blogs are gaining popularity day by day. You can gain SEO info and knowledge by visiting these blogs. Add the rss url of the popular blogs to your rss reader or blog reader. Example add the Google blog, Matt Cutts blog for Gadgets, Google, and SEO, Yahoo Blog and more. Specific search for blogs can also be made at www.google.com.


Jimmy Thakkar @ Jvw (Search engine optimization and Software dev company in Mumbai)

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