Dofollow blog finder trick

Today i am going to teach you how you can get a high pagerank in the fastest time possible.

What is required to get a good pagerank :
1. High quality links – like .edu , .gov etc.
2. High Pagerank webpages.
3. Indexed links that are realted to your niche.
4. Get Links on these Webpages.

How can you get this process of finding dofollow blogs done in a slow manner :
1. Goto / and make a keyword search to find pages you can put links on.
2. Find out which pages allow you to add your link.
3. Open your excel and keep adding all those URLS into your excel sheet(name it dofollow blog lists) column wise with complete details like title, link, pagerank of the link and the website rank.

Find dofollow blogs quickly :
1. Install the Dofollow blog finder software from JVW INC. Jump to step 6.
2. No need of making any keyword search in browser.
3. No need of manually writing everything in your excel sheet.
4. No waiting for hours for making a list.
5. No need to hire a link builder.
6. Start the software, Enter your search term in the section “Search keywords” , select the number of results you wish to check and press “Find blogs”.

This is all you have to do. The smart link building / dofollow blog finder software will find out dofollow links for you where you can enter your links and gain a backlink.

The main advantage of this software is that it not only finds you the links you desire but it will also find out high quality .edu and .gov links for you along with the pagerank of that page.

All this for $37 ONLY 🙂

Note: This article is old and also the software is outdated and no longer available at the seller’s store.

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