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Today i am going to teach you about how you can quickly and easily reduce your burden of link building, task to find pagerank, get updated pagerank information for your list of blogs and sites using just a software – Jvw’s Bulk pagerank checker.

Normally when you need to find high quality links for link building or to find pagerank of sites and blogs you hire a link builder or visit a forum to check for people who offer you a list of blogs, forum lists, sites that have high pagerank. This process can take a lot of time, effort and money.

Why would you want to waste all that ?

With the use of a bulk pr checker software you can not only save time and money but you can conveniently find your potential link partners or sources that can provide you one way links.

The number one problem webmasters and site owners have is to find high pagerank sites and blogs they can exchange links with or put their comments on. This can be a tedious job :

– Enter your niche  keyword into Google and search for related sites and blogs.

– Go to each and every website and blog to see if it fits your need.

– Make a note of each and every link’s Pagerank (PR).

– Find how many backlinks the site has.

Also you are going to have a real tough time if you have a text file filled with sites and you wish to find pagerank of those sites.

What are you going to do ?

How will you find out pagerank of all those sites ?

Answer is simple -> You use a  Bulk Pr Checker software like the one listed in this article that automates your task of finding Pr.

Please find resources below that will help you understand and use this pagerank tool effectively.

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