BMW got banned for Blackhat SEO – This topic is all over the internet blogs and forums.

The site in question is and NOT

What can you learn from this.

Plenty of things :

1.It’s for everyone : Google is not just punishing the small sites or blogs but even the biggies like BMW(they had a pagerank of 7). They have made things clear. If you break the webmaster guidelines – YOU WILL BE PUNISHED – No matter what ! – Does not matter who or what you are. Google just wants to keep building a better search engine and anyone who is breaking their guidelines will be punished.

2.What not to do : Do not use methods of doorway pages/cloaking , Javascript redirects and all those things that are against the google webmaster guidelines.

3.Do not give full control to a seo company : If your site is being maintained by a webmaster or a third party seo company, make sure you do not give full control or at least make sure that proper techniques/tactics are being followed and that no guideline is broken or illegal spamming techniques used (Read article “stay away from Fake seo companies”).

Jimmy Thakkar

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