Best thing about blog is that everything is instant.You write content, make a post and hit submit and you have a new blog page ready. Search engines like Google love blogs. Because they provide new content. Other search engines like Msn and Yahoo have also moved towards this technology. The RSS feed can be submitted to these search engines and your site will be indexed in minutes. No more waiting for your site to be indexed after you submit your site to google. You will be in these search engines within 3-5 days max. The tag that will help you here is the auto discovery. It is important that more and more users add your RSS feed to their MY Yahoo if you want to improve your existing rank on This remains same with the new too.

For example if your RSS file is at then your yahoo button html code would look like below

Add to MY YAHOO!

If you do not know much HTML or RSS creation then it is fine as the Jvw Rss solution pack has the RSS tools you need to create them with ease.

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