A) Tag that will give you instant hits: TAG
Yes this the tag that will give you instant hits – TAG.
Technorati.com is a site that indexes millions blogs.It is a blog search directory that monitors and indexes the growth of what they defined as the World Live Web.

The technorati tag is one such tag that will improve referral traffic to your site.Technorati tags are important because they give more relevant results.

The tags come from three sources. First, if you’ve uploaded a photo to Flickr and have tagged it (or if one of your friend has tagged it), it will show up under that tag at technorati. Second, if you’ve bookmarked a page using https://del.icio.us, it will show up under that tag at technorati. Third, if your blogging software supports categories, your blog posts will show up under the categories you’ve assigned; categories are now tags in the eyes of Technorati.

If your blogging software supports categories and RSS/Atom (like Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad, Blogware, Radio), just use the included category system and make sure you are publishing autodiscovered RSS/Atom and technorati will automatically include tags with your posts! Your categories will be read as tags.

Make sure you make categories as keywords that are important for your blog.If necessary make multiple categories rather than sticking to one category ‘General’.
You can also use the below code in your document :
Link example: Rss marketing. (Update: No longer working)

B) Trackback ?.
Trackbacks are used to continue a discussion on someone else’s blog.
It is a method by which you can let people know that you have referenced someone else in your own blog(It is a method of person A saying to person B, “This is something you may be interested in.” To do that, person A sends a TrackBack ping to person B).

Imagine that you have written about a software on your blog.Someone visits your blog and reads this particular entry and likes what is written, he can make a comment on it but he wants to keep the conversation going so instead of comments he uses the trackback feature.
One reference will show trackback as “TrackBack(1)”

With this you can also see as to who is talking about your post.This is becoming more and more popular because of the comment spam on blogs.

Note that the trackback url is different from permanent link.
Insert the below PHP Code
Trackback url :
a href=”< ?php trackback_url(display); ?>“> ?
You can send trackback pings to the URLs you specify in this field. By separating them with commas, you can trackback multiple URLs.

Linking ? :
Like traditional pages , the rule applies to blog pages too.The importance of the blog post increases with the increase in the incoming link.You can encourage visitors to link to you and use the trackback facility.
Because it is the latest method in increasing your PageRank by link swapping, getting relevant links to your blog , ‘trackback’ is considered very important.
Another way of link exchange is by signing up yourself at Blog Roll site.This will help you get more exposure to your blog.

Internal linking is important for getting higher positions :
-Make internal linking withing your blog entry itself.
-Make linking from one blog post to another having similar content.

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