Balance in life

The only competition one has to have in his life is with keeping a proper balance of money compared to the needs one has; a man has gotto finish all cash and credit before he goes. I mean you do not want to spend up all your money and still know that you have about...

My life flashing before my eyes.

They say life flashes before your eyes before your death. If life flashed before my eyes, I am sure I would see the windows’ and android’s circular wait icon for about 30 minutes before seeing other things from my life for a few milliseconds…

Age is just a number

Don’t count how much you have lived; count in negative, as in how many days you have left to live. Hence we are all equals!

Live 5 crore days plus

This is another way of wishing someone at the birthday party. Instead of saying tum jiyo hazaroun saal aur saal ke din ho pacchaas hazaar.

My Trip To Goa In April

My trip to Goa: I am going to write about my trip to Goa. You can understand a bit about travel and attractions and also how much it would cost you at certain places. Also feel free to view the pics that I have uploaded. STAY: LA Casa, Siolim (OYO ROOMS), North Goa I...