My heart reaches out and grieves for all those affected by these blasts and who have lost their dear ones.

to those that arent indian that recieve this email, i urge you to send this to every indian you know
To the indians i send this to… its time we took action. How long will we let cowards hide behind the mask of terrorism.. terrorism?…. i beg to differ, for i challenge them to find one among us who has been frightened. Bereaved, yes… wounded, yes… scared, not this country, not us.

So i ask you this, how long will scum under the pretext of a cause kill our men, women and children? And tell me this are we going to let them divide this country, let them cause disharmony and tear to pieces the very essence of this country, for we were built on diversity and in it is our strength.So, NO!! We will not allow them to cause us to cast suspicion on our brothers, instead we choose now to unite and stand for what we believe in and defend that which we love.

with love and prayers


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