+1 is live on big G.

Yes i already know that google has launched +1 button few days back but this is the first time i am seeing them on search engine result pages. This is a great feature which could compete with Facebook likes in the future.

Google should be smart enough to handle the +1 hits as I am sure people are going to buy +1 hits like they went and bought facebook fans/likes and twitter followers.

Here is a screenshot below showing +1 button live on Google.com (click to enlarge).

For those who want to see a demo of this button in action and what it does, just goto Google.com and see the + 1 button on the serps.

Also note this point below which is mentioned by Google :

“Publishers may not direct users to click the +1 Button for purposes of misleading users. Publishers should not promote prizes, monies, or monetary equivalents in exchange for +1 Button clicks”

If you wish to add the +1 button to your site then use the code below :

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js”></script>

(The above code goes in the head section of your web page)

<g:plusone size=”small” href=”https://www.yourWebdomainURLhere.com”></g:plusone>

(Place the above code on the web page where you would like to add the +1 icon)



Jimmy Thakkar

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