Web and Graphic Designs: Hot Trends 2014

Web designing and graphic designing isn’t just about putting the information for the client and making it all look presentable, rather it’s about keeping in mind what is in demand. To keep abreast of the new developments in market and latest techniques aids the designers to anticipate and deliver better. In order to simplify your search, we bring to you the hottest trends of this year, 2014 that already have and will continue to take the web designing industry by storm.

  • Flat Designs: This trend is sure to not just stay but also grow. Its demand has increased almost two folds and its minimalistic outlook is user-friendly. The design avoids cluttering of graphics, boldly uses the blank and yet looks sophisticated. With the increased use of mobile-net, this trend has got a further impetus.
  • Responsive Technique: This trend has hit the market hard and has made the designers and analysts put on the thinking cap. It has become a must have for latest sites, however it should be used in moderation as mobile users are often irritated by the time it takes to load.
  • Typography: The users have been so bored by the usual fonts that they seldom like to pay attention to the usual Times New Roman or Arial font. Typography has always been influential but this year it’ll be more so as designers feel free to experiment with size and style.
  • Infographics: Since what you see is catchier than what you read, emphasis has been to develop informative graphics that provide all the information in an innovative manner. Not only are they visually more appealing but are quite communicative. Both colours and high resolution graphics are the best combo for them.
  • Videos: Graphics and websites can now tell a moving story, and quite literally so because videos are ranging high in popular charts. To then not make use of this trend in designing would be a blunder and thus designers from all over the world have started employing it and are successful in attracting more users.
  • Parallax: With their scrolling technique and impactful images, parallax gives a fantastic visual feat to the users and is fast becoming a rage now. The year would see more experiments and bolder innovations in the same.

Along with all that, spring colours and minimalistic designs would continue to influence web as well as graphic designs. The key is to make it visually appealing and yet easily accessible.

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Diet Soda? No Thank YOU!

How Aspartame In Diet Sodas Can Harm You
Along with a daily run and saying no to that cheesy slice of pizza, if you thought switching to diet sodas would help you lose weight, think again. Diet sodas if not “diet” in actuality, are much more harmful than you’d think. Basically instead of sugar, these drinks are sweetened with artificial products like cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose and last but not the least, the most dangerous of them all – aspartame.

With no sugar and a calorie free labeling, most of you would think that these drinks would help you trim off those extra inches. However, not only does it have no effect on you losing weight, it has added disadvantages to your body.

A person with a regular intake of diet soda will most definitely suffer from at least two of these conditions:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Abdominal Obesity
  • High fasting glucose
  • Low HDL Cholesterol
  • High triglycerides
  • Here are some of the most dangerous effects of diet sodas that will hit an average consumer over the long run:

    Obesity: The words “diet” from diet soda, and obesity may not mix well, but it has been proved by a University study that the more diet sodas a person consumes, the greater is their risk of getting overweight. Tricking your body into thinking its consuming sugar will only make you crave for more. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame disrupt the body’s ability to regulate the daily calorie intake.

    Cell Damage: The chemicals used in diet sodas can damage DNA. These preservatives are also responsible for causing allergic reactions, hives and asthma

    Teeth Rotting: Diet sodas are very acidic and easily dissolve the enamel of your teeth making it yellow and weak day by day. You will notice the change every time there’s a shooting pain in your teeth when you eat something hot or cold. Also, these diet drinks decay your teeth much faster than regular drinks due to the artificial sweeteners present.

    Heart and Kidney danger: The preservatives in these drinks are known to cause obesity leading to an increase in belly fat. This increase in belly fat leads to a high cholesterol level and puts you at risk for heart disease. What’s more is that your kidney functioning begins to decline when you consume more and more of these drinks.

    Drinking one can of diet soda a day is associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and Type II Diabetes. This syndrome causes a range of conditions such as increased waistline, raised cholesterol and a large bulk of weight.

    There’s more to this diet drink than meets the eye, which is why most people have dismissed it as a fad.

    Note: This article is not written by a doctor; to understand what doctors and scientists have to say about diet sodas and aspartame, please view the video below:

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    Graphic Designer In Mumbai

    Before knowing how to become a graphics design expert, let us start by learning who is a graphic designer, and what do they do?

    In everyday life, whether it is Mumbai or Paris, we can tell which brand is it even when the name is not written. Thank a graphic designer for this. Saw a beautiful package and bought it even though you didn’t want to? Blame a graphics designer for this. Creating eye candy comes with the job profile.

    Graphic designers construct appealing visual designs for products, billboards, television, or any sellable product.

    Pay is, generally, dependent upon position and experience of an individual.

    What do the graphics designer do?

    • Assess the needs of client
      You HAVE to meet the clients to discuss what exactly they are looking for in the end product. A designer must inquire about the requirements of client like what should be the basic appearance, specific colors, intended audience. Knowing the audience of the product plays an important role. For example, if the product is kids oriented, more cartoon-ish approach can be taken.
      P.S: You can skip through meeting the clients if you possess psychic abilities to learn what they want.
    • Eureka!
      Don’t run to your computer and start drawing. Sit down, take a pen and paper, and scribble here and there. Some designers find it more comfortable to first make a rough idea on a paper and some to like to go digital directly. It is all up to you as long as you keep in mind the requirements of client. Effective strategy should be developed in designing to make the product appealing to general public.
    • Work, Work, Work
      Got a rough idea? Use all your creativity to generate a master piece. Designers use various ideas of constructive use of color, fonts, and illustrations to create Professional designs by making use of design software’s such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Graphic designers generally work in a team on a project.

    Now that you have a rough idea of what a designer do, let us dive you into the knowledge of how to become one.

    How to be a graphics designer

    1. Designing is an art which can be learned. It is not something which is innate and what better time is to start than school. If you are still in school, it’s time to register yourself to art class.
    2. You DON’T need a postgraduate degree or even an undergraduate. That doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t get one. One of the many perks of having a degree is meeting a lot of people with similar interest. You can meet many designers and learn from dedicated professors. However, many great designers never went to design school and made their way through learning from books, working with experienced designers and they kept PRACTICING.
    3. Look for design schools which can offer you training in graphics-related computer technology. There are many in Dadar to Andheri in Mumbai and you can even directly contact them to enroll yourself. They might need samples of your work.
    4. Freelancing is the way to go. Work with as many people as possible. Not only will this build your confidence and skills but also your resume.
    5. You can learn a lot through internet. There is an insane amount of information available out there. Just be ready to grab it. Sites like tutsplus can give you a great head start.

    This article is brought to you by Jimmy Thakkar (http://www.jimmythakkar.com/graphics-design.html)


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    Wish You A Happy & Successful 2014

    Season’s Greetings from Jimmy Thakkar: Wishing all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Season's Greetings

    Irctc website error

    The IRCTC website shows the error when you try to open www.irctc.co.in:
    Secure Channel Required

    This Virtual Directory requires a browser that supports the configured encryption options.

    I wonder when will it be up again so that people can book tickets?

    Google’s Date Bug In Serps

    See the image attached:
    google date bug

    What is wrong with the search engine results here?

    1. A site which has copied the content is ranking higher than the site that has originally created the content (Most SEO people know this).
    2. It is showing results from april 2004 for a site/domain which was registered in 2006.

    Do something about it Google!


    Jvw Store Coupon Code Facebook Update

    Wordpess v3.6 update error

    Apparently there is an error in the WP v 3.6 when you try to edit/update your old blog post.

    The error message you get is:

    Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected

    The answer to this problem lies in your wordpress plugin(s).

    Delete all unnecessary plugins. Yes, we all have them. These are plugins that just lie there doing nothing. Just trash them.

    Note: DO NOT delete the plugins you are already using (the ones that are activated).

    Now try and update your post and you will see that you can easily update your posts and pages now.

    If that did not help then update all the other plugins (the active ones).

    Still no solution?







    Crocweb Email Response Time

    I bet there are a bunch of geeks sitting on the crocweb support team desk who are just waiting for an email from your side so that they can jump up to it and solve your issue in the fastest possible time.

    5 stars to their email response time.

    Hope this remains as they grow.



    Jimmy Thakkar