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Wish You A Happy & Successful 2014

Season’s Greetings from Jimmy Thakkar: Wishing all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Season's Greetings

Irctc website error

The IRCTC website shows the error when you try to open www.irctc.co.in:
Secure Channel Required

This Virtual Directory requires a browser that supports the configured encryption options.

I wonder when will it be up again so that people can book tickets?

Google’s Date Bug In Serps

See the image attached:
google date bug

What is wrong with the search engine results here?

1. A site which has copied the content is ranking higher than the site that has originally created the content (Most SEO people know this).
2. It is showing results from april 2004 for a site/domain which was registered in 2006.

Do something about it Google!


Jvw Store Coupon Code Facebook Update

Wordpess v3.6 update error

Apparently there is an error in the WP v 3.6 when you try to edit/update your old blog post.

The error message you get is:

Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected

The answer to this problem lies in your wordpress plugin(s).

Delete all unnecessary plugins. Yes, we all have them. These are plugins that just lie there doing nothing. Just trash them.

Note: DO NOT delete the plugins you are already using (the ones that are activated).

Now try and update your post and you will see that you can easily update your posts and pages now.

If that did not help then update all the other plugins (the active ones).

Still no solution?







Crocweb Email Response Time

I bet there are a bunch of geeks sitting on the crocweb support team desk who are just waiting for an email from your side so that they can jump up to it and solve your issue in the fastest possible time.

5 stars to their email response time.

Hope this remains as they grow.



Jimmy Thakkar

Are you kidding me amazon.in?

Unfortunately they do not have an option of selling software on the site www.amazon.in

What is even worse is that you cannot contact then because of their buggy feedback form.

Have a look:

amazon.in contact us bug


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